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Easy to find and plenty of parking, sketch neighborhood, dirty dive bar atmosphere, nude dancers but very poor quality and attitudes. I visited Lookers on a Thursday night as part of doing my rounds of various Syracuse clubs while here on business. The venue is easy to find, with lit and monitored parking in the back plus a lot across the street and some street parking after 6pm.

The neighborhood is definitely sketchy, so I'd recommend trying to park in the Lookers syracuse reviews lot and definitely don't leave anything valuable in your car. As I walked up there were two customers hanging around the front drinking from plastic cups I'm assuming booze since the club is no alcoholand no doorman or anyone greeting you to the club.

The outside looks like a typical blue collar dive bar.

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Walking in there is a small bar, with the stage and other seating past that. The place is quite small and cramped, and it's hard to even get around Lookers syracuse reviews who are standing at the bar. Again, no alcohol, so I ordered a Coke and sat down. I noticed Lookers syracuse reviews few bored looking customers sitting around the bar, a couple of them being chatted up by dancers, a couple of them alone and just staring at the TVs or their phones, and an older guy in a seersucker suit who reminded me of Colonel Sanders having an animated conversation with a woman who didn't appear to be a dancer.

There wa. Well, the last review of this club from October said it looked like the club had been shut down. I was there a couple weeks ago, and it was open for business, pretty much like I remembered it from my last visit years ago. Stopped in with 2 friends after an SU football game and some downtown bar hopping. THis is a non alcohol place, so get your drink on before you come. I think I saw a describing this place as Syracuse's only Vegas style showclub. I don't think they've been to Vegas. Blue collar club with blue collar customers and dancers. We sat on the far side of the stage. One by one we were approacched by some girls.

Buddy 1 was approached by a North Carolina transplant, a brunette with a cute southern accent and nice tatas. Seriously, who moves from North Carolina to Syracuse? Kept talking about her DUI's and how she was dancing to pay off her legal fees. And I was approach by a Betty type, black hair, bangs, a little older and less petitie shall we say. But nice nonetheless. Betty did a good job, fun, sensual, but nothing over the top. Funny thing - as I was finishing up my dance with Betty and came Lookers syracuse reviews of our curtained booth, a black girl popped out of another booth shouting I waited for a few days before I decided to add this review to see if they reopened within the week but no such movement.

Lookers appears to have been shut down and seized for failure to pay taxes. Nice bright on the door when I went. The girls have scattered and gone to either Bing or Diamond Dolls to work now apparently. Having spoken to a Lookers syracuse reviews will not say who in case they do open back up apparently there have been a lot of problems there.

Police came in and barely let the girls go with their purses. Business - always pay taxes first. Apparently there have been nights the bar didn't even have singles. I am not sure if they own the building or rent but usually this kind of thing gets worse before it gets better, evictions, utility company problems yada yada yada.

A crying shame, lookers has been a Syracuse Staple for a long time and the stage show was the best feature low key, not main stream like paradise. If you are looking for someplace in the same area bada bing is the best option.

They have recently renovated so its not as dank. It is booze there so only topless at best and the stage show basically does not exist. If you want low key nude - Diamond Dolls is a 10 minute drive out to the Mattydale area much safer area out of the city It is a more low key barish club with an awesome kitchen if you are hungry. The girls get on stage and do sets when customers come in but be prepared, the stage area is dark to the Lookers syracuse reviews it h I like this place for its sleaze, but it needs some work. First, the layout is described well elsewhere, bar by the door, stage off to the side, small curtained off couches for dances in the corner.

This time the place smelled dirty, like it needed a cleaning when I walked in.

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Few dancers, but it was an afternoon shift, so okay. The dances are cheap, but you can buy 4 at a time which is an okay deal, though YMMV. What I mean is that some dancers will ask for a tip to let you touch, others just let it all go. In Lookers syracuse reviews, the girls are average looking for a club, but a little soft and flabby. I don't mind this really, as they don't seem fake at all. There can be a big hustle for dances here, but not this time, and not usually in the afternoon, when they're happy to hang out.

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A somewhat thing girl with short dark hair whose name I can't recall was quite nice and let me have a good time with her in the dance, with mutual touching and decent roaming action. An okay time, good for SYR as always. Reliable and affordable if not brilliant always.

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I was in Syracuse for one night and went to Lookers since I was impressed with my last visit a few months ago. What a difference a few months can make. It was about 9pm on a Tuesday and I was the only customer--the first one they'd seen in over an hour. Before I even got my drink, I was descended upon by a beautiful red-head with great boobs. She was friendly--in more ways than one--and we talked for a bit before she asked about going in back for a dance. I don't like going for private dances Lookers syracuse reviews away. I'd rather sit for a while, take in the line-up and get in the mood first.

So she went on stage and gave a nice performance, though she never took off her bottoms, which I thought was a little odd for a nude club. Anyway, I enjoyed the show and tipped her more than once. Another dancer went on stage, and she did take everything off. At this point, another two or three customers had come in, and things were looking up. Then came dancer 3. I was seated at the stage and started tipping her as I did the two girls.

After the first tip, she immediately asked for another two dollars, which I found rather rude, especially since I had every intention of tipping her more. I gave her one dollar as a compromise. She continued dancing and I tipped her again--at which point she again asked for more money. This time, I didn't bother giving her anything. I was so turned off, I finished my drink and he Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Lookers syracuse reviews York Syracuse Lookers. Lookers 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers.

Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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Lookers syracuse reviews

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