Love is pain and fairytales are full of shit

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Lyrics submitted by thrwmyhrtawy. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Payphone Maroon 5 20 Comments 1 Tags. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Payphone song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 20 Comments. My Interpretation I've never been a Maroon 5 fan myself but I really like this song.

The meaning itself is pretty simple. It's talking about a relationship that ended abruptly for one of them at least and not peacefully. The singer of the song is crushed and wants the fairy tell ending, but knows better. While the ex could care less and as such, ruined any chance they had of even being friends afterwards. Then at the end Wiz represents that confidence we use to pick ourselves back up.

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That voice in our he telling us to move on, and not take the person back if they ever try to rekindle things. I love the chorus in this song a lot. The first time I heard it my friend made a stupid remark about it being a "payphone" and not a "cellphone" and how if he used a cell he could call for free My interpretation of it is that "I'm at a payphone trying to call home" refers to trying to rediscover himself but "all of my change I spent on you" implies that he was so focused on his ificant other, and not his own self, that he doesn't know how to be himself anymore without his ex by his side.

All in all I think it's a great song. It's easy to relate to. I'm sure most have been in that spot where their feelings want the person back, but in their head they know they need to move on because the person probably isn't right for them.

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Dfeeds on April 29, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I agree with Planetearth and Defeeds, To add to their interpretations, I believe the reason Levine chose a payphone rather than a cellphone or even any kind of phone, home phone, is because he is describing how lost he is now that he is apart from his ex-girlfriend. After their break-up, he lost all his routine familiarties, and is now stranded in a big city, or better yet, deserted. He doesn't feel he belongs anywhere else but with her, she is "home".

Therefore, he uses a payphone. I agree completely, nice interpretation. Lonehawk on July 30, I read Defeed's explain and I didn't agree with it. But as I read urs it occurs to me that you guys are viewing the lyrics in another light. Or ur guy's meanings is correct it's just Love is pain and fairytales are full of shit. I think it's missing this part:Adam's lyrics are "I'm at a payphone trying to call home".

You guys already got the payphone part. But for me the "trying yo call home" part always stood out 4 me. To me that translates his heart is with her and home is where the heart is. So he is trying to reach her because she is home to him. Than this lyric:"all of my change I spent on you" is where I find ur guy's meanings are incomplete Defeed's, wordsthenbeat, sect. I think it was a way if showing he'll spend all if his money, as its states on her just to reach thus person.

My Interpretation I agree with Dfeeds. To expand on that, I think the relationship came to an end and he's coming to grips with the reality of the situation. A part of him wants to believe in "fairy tales" however he is much too jaded for that now. It just won't work, as she "thinks it's too late to make it". He wants to have a go at it for one last try but it is unfortunately in vain. She wants nothing to do with him. He gave her everything and lost himself, while she moved on. He wishes she cared, even though he said he doesn't.

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He stills seems to be stuck and in disbelief that she really is done. The payphone is a metaphor for reaching people he cares about. People that will help him out of this mess. It reminds me of not knowing anyone where he is, and having relied on his partner for his emotional connections. It could metaphorically mean his past self before all this drama dragged him down. He needs to get in touch with the past to let go of his present situation. He is unable to, as he wasted all of his time and energy on this girl.

The song relates a lot of wasted time. He is left destitute with only questions of why and bittersweet memories. Calling from a payphone also is a al of distress and emergency in this day and age. Adam has said this about the song.

For example if you called a loved one from a payphone, you'd probably be stranded somewhere and not just calling to say "hey". Finding one might be the hardest part though. I agree with you. I'd like also to point out the words he uses to express value. All of them sounds like he propably invest on a romance that wasn't worthy Talita on March 02, General Comment I love the cynicism and bitterness of this song.

PurplePanther on June 22, Link. My Interpretation The video i suggest you watch the video as i do this! Okay so you know like the story of superman or Love is pain and fairytales are full of shit or spiderman? Why would he run off with out her?

Then it proceedss to be a police chase. Then its wiz's part Wiz is there not only because he has his part but to point out to "her" that Im doing times better with out you. My Interpretation I think this is a song about a person who is looking back and questioning about the breakup and then about their relationship. To me the first line is essentially about the person Love is pain and fairytales are full of shit how they spent so much time changing themselves for the other person and in a sort of disbelief they're asking what ever happen to all those plans they had made with each other.

They're asking the other person "can we try again? In the end the person comes to terms with it though. They say that this person does see a future with them anymore and doesnt even try to see what happiness they had in the past, which is communicated in the line "Oh, you turned your back on tomorrow, Cause you forgot yesterday". The person is saying how they're not ok and how they're stuck this sadness of what could have been by saying the lines "I've wasted my nights,You turned out the lights Now I'm paralyzed, Still stuck in that time,When we called it love" croquis on October 07, Link.

General Comment I think Adam Levine wrote this song about his ex-girlfriend. The song was released this month, the same month he broke up with Anne Vyalitsyna. Just a guess. I think so too. General Comment some good thoughts here. Think of the emotional turmoil, pain, and heartache that one experiences when that is found out.

Nothing worse. My Interpretation "you turned your back on tomorrow 'Cause you forgot yesterday I gave you my love to borrow, But you just gave it away" These lines right here speak to me. She forgot that I gave her my love and she just tossed it aside.

Love is pain and fairytales are full of shit

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