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Portia is a lovely well put-together Coonie female. She has substantial boning, a gorgeous, full torbie patch tabby coat, muted overall autumn colors and a beautiful classic pattern. With her expressive green eyes, tall tufted ears and strong muzzle she has that appealing Maine Coon look. Sozi is probably my most intense Toy Fiend. That may not qualify her for all her titles, but it sure helped her show off her charms.

She is a gorgeous calico girl with an out-sized personality. Wonderful, inquisitive expression, green eyes, black and white lynx tips on those huge ears. And a gorgeous, full coat as a young adult.

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Ruggiero is a very serious, intense looking young man. Yet his looks belie his warm, affectionate, cheerful disposition. He is a black silver classic tabby with a high degree of shading.

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We like his large ears, his intense gaze, his nice profile and Maine coon cats sale va muzzle. He is a well-muscled chap with a long, lean body and a tail to match, and will continue to fill out as he matures. He is also a fierce toy attacker! We think he will work well with our beautiful girls and are looking forward to his first litter. He also could not get his titles due to the pandemic, unfortunately. This beautiful girl is a wild child, daughter of Sozi, the original wild and crazy. Such energy in this girl! She was a delight to show, just like her mom. I wish we could have shown her in Championship class to get her Maine coon cats sale va titles, but the pandemic put a halt to that.

Nevertheless, we look forward to her babies. Dewy, like her half-sister Luna,is another beautiful example of a silver torbie and white — but she has really high white! With her gorgeous clean profile, large strong muzzle, and big ears set so nicely, she is a gorgeous girl. And to complete the picture, her hefty, substantial body is just dripping in glorious coat. That winsome expression…. I so love the mackerel pattern and she was the only mackerel in the litter. With her beautiful classic head, sturdy boning, nice tall well-tufted ears, expressive eyes and nice coat length she is a great package!

Luna is one of our stunning silver torbie and white girls aka silver patch tabby and white. Everything about her seems deed to capture your heart. Elegant and flashy, she would have done well in the show hall, especially with her beautiful head type and dramatic large ears. This is the lovely, and fiercely elegant Leya. Much like her older brother Jake she has a long body, long tail and long legs.

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Oh, and long lynx tips. You can see her strong boning and wonderful head type — particularly her large, boxy muzzle. Her penetrating gaze may tempt you not to touch, but she surprises you by arching into your hand for your gentle pets. A really beautiful girl, this one. Sweet Jake!

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Crazy boy of our hearts. You can see some of his wild charm from these pictures, taken when he was a youngster. The pairing of Manny and Boodles produced some extreme, gorgeous babies see his younger sister, Leya. Huge ears, big boxy muzzle with a great strong chin, enormous expressive eyes, long long body, long long tail, long long legs. And totally full of Himself! He was a joy to take to shows and never tired of playing. He achieved his Supreme Grand Champion title in the fall ofthough there were many strong competitors at the time.

After producing several lovely litters he is now neutered and lives with us as a pampered boy. JT is a warm brown classic tabby boy with an excellent pattern, a great profile, good strong chin, well-set ears and a nice expression.

He is also very long in the body with nice muscular legs. He is easy to handle is a nice, happy boy. We enjoyed showing him a bit Maine coon cats sale va a kitten, enough to earn a Regional Award. But we could not continue to get his adult titles due to the pandemic. We just love our Nick. And so were the judges because he just walked off with the Maine Coon class that day.

With a gently Maine coon cats sale va profile, a big boxy muzzle, a deep strong chin, those big well-set ears and his gorgeous expressive eye I was hoping to show him to get all his titles. Unfortunately, the pandemic quashed those plans. But in our minds he is a Supreme! Very much looking forward to his offspring with my girls. Beautiful black Spice! Dramatic girl with such an amazing, thick shiny black coat and beautiful green eyes. Along with that she has a big strong muzzle, perfect scoop to her profile, big tall ears and lynx tips to paint with.

She was shown as a kitten and did really well, capturing a Regional Win in the Mid-Atlantic. But after a while she just wanted to lie down and curl up on the judging table, so we decided to not press any more.

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But we are happy with her sweet and playful disposition on top of her beauty. Showing and breeding Maine Coon Cats for over 30 years. Learn More About Us. Who We Are. Do you dream of owning your very own Maine Coon Cat? We strive to ensure our kittens are healthy and well-socialized, as well as beautiful. Our Cats Learn More. Owning Learn More. Learn About Learn More. SaraJen Tawny Port. SaraJen Elijah Craig. SaraJen Drambuie.

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Shown here at 5 months, she was already exhibiting that special flair. With wonderful substantive boning and a great coat at this young age, plus excellent head type we have great expectations for her development. SaraJen Amaretto Mist. Dracoonfly After Eight of SaraJen. SaraJen Boodles. SaraJen Bourbon On the Rocks. SaraJen Kentucky Deluxe.

Dux is a fabulous big girl with a beautifully structured head, huge ears, thick luxurious coat, intense gaze and comic, loving personality. Loves showing and thinks every toy is fair game prey. So proud of her! SaraJen Bookers Kentucky Straight. Highlander Single Malt of SaraJen. SaraJen Virginia Gentleman. SaraJen Woodford Reserve. SaraJen Scoresby.

He Maine coon cats sale va a wonderful expression, a smooth, gentle scoop to his profile, a good, boxy muzzle and strong chin, fabulous boning and a glorious, luxurious coat. Such a charmer. Scoobie had a fabulous show career. When he competed as an adult, during the show year from May to Aprilhe was Best of the Best Cat in Show no less than 8 times! He finished in the International Championship Cat Standings with the 5th highest ranking of all cats that year — 5th Best International Cat!

We are honored and awed to be owned by this sweet boy.

Maine coon cats sale va

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