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Welcome to the Revolution Dating Experience! We are all about connecting and we so are grateful to share it with ALL of you. In the last several years, we have seen record-breaking s of new enrollments, engagements, and marriages.

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The facts reveal we Matchmaking south florida the dating market in the Palm Beaches, Treasure Coast and Lauderdale areas. We have clients that from further south and north in the U. Yet still, Florida is our home base, and likely yours too if you are reading this today. Florida is our focus, unlike other matchmakers that have their headquarters in California or Chicago and multiple names to identify their business. Dreams really can come true…and we are here to help you make those dreams a reality so you can focus on your own career, work, or family! Dating online or looking for love in all the wrong places is no longer YOUR problem.

You have intelligently found your solution through us, and this is all much easier than you think. The calendar is turning and most of us are excited to put this wild year behind us. Your timing is perfect! How and with whom do you want to ring in the Holiday Season? In Matchmaking south florida 30 years in this industry, I have never seen more happy clients, couples, and word-of-mouth referrals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about us and for spreading this epic message of love, life, laughter, and romance to your family and friends.

Only the BEST for our clients!!

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The day of parties will come again…but in the meantime…stay on track. Again, have no fear, the matchmaker is here. Dial XOXO to speak to one of us right now. Our personal touch is just magical. See for yourself. Together we raised thousands of dollars at our Love-Fest which is the birthday of the business every other year in April and held for charity each time! We missed Love-Fest for good reason but what about Love-Fest ? Start now and come as a couple instead of a single!!!!!

One of the coolest things about sponsoring charity events is that we almost always run into existing Revolutionary Couples at each event! Do you need us to keep our affiliation private? We also have met many new clients while hosting such Charity Events. In November we are giving back to First Responders. Thank you for all you do. This is all so easy! Most of all, we want you to be comfortable and we want you to get started already! Waste no more time looking for love online or in a bar spooky these days…right? I am proud to have changed that dating dilemma for South Florida and Treasure Matchmaking south florida Singles for 30 successful years.

People bond at my club quickly, simply because they are like-minded and our clientele all have skin in the game! Some bond in friendship—and more often in LOVE. It feels good to make others happy and it makes me Matchmaking south florida to have been given the key to help. Cupid is aiming HER arrow at you…and you are Matchmaking south florida because we are about to save you time, money, and energy linked to online dating distress.

Revolution Dating is an exclusive Florida matchmaking service that helps single, divorced or widowed men and women find friendship and romance. True romance is closer than you think! It is that simple. The countdown to is on and we are here to help you find your special someone before the holiday season kicks off, with less headache. We are all made with love and happiness and want to spread this message.

Everyone can win in love if you choose the right strategy. It is a s game and the s are in your favor now because you are taking the first step in the right direction…finally! Congratulations again! Wishing you happiness and gratitude from our office to your heart. Hope to meet you in my beautiful office soon which is located in Palm Beach Gardens recently voted the one city in Florida.

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It is no wonder we chose to root our longterm office in this area! Much love to you and yours and feel free to check out our Press on my website or keep it simple, and call XOXO for more personalized information. Each matchmaker has years of experience working by my side, and sometimes if the phone is ringing off the hook, I even answer myself! Talk to you super soon! As I like to say: Lights, camera, action! On behalf of the wonderful cupids and myself, wishing you lots and Matchmaking south florida of love for years and years! The love in me honors the love in you!

We are glad that you preferred to. Please fill our short form and one of our friendly team members will contact you back. Your Name. Your .

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Your Message. Revolution Dating.

Matchmaking south florida

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