Most single women

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However, Sperling's BestPlaces discovered this might not be the whole story. The New York Times used the latest demographics from the Census Bureau, including women above age fourteen who were unmarried or separated. Indeed, according to a University of Texas survey, the average age of women at their first marriage is Sperling's firm looked at similar Census data, but restricted its analysis to single, widowed, and divorced women age Without this cap on the age range, places with higher Most single women of elderly people would show a misleading of single women.

Sperling's conclusion is ificantly different than the New York Times. Despite all the attention to this new milestone for single women, the difference between the of single men and women is not as great as one might think.

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Sperling's firm broke down the data by metro area, revealing interesting patterns on where singles live. San Francisco seems to attract single people like a good pickup line, if there is such a thing. Compared to every other metro area in the U. New York, and Boston round out the top four.

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Most southern cities are not flush with single people. Those cities in southern states that have more singles are homes to colleges, where students might choose to remain after graduation, or are known for their nightlife. New Orleans, Austin, and a handful of Florida cities all have more singles than the national average. Evans said Boston has the key factors for single living.

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Whether by choice or circumstance, Most single women are living in some of the biggest cities, surrounded by millions, and still find themselves alone. People tend couple up more in the smaller towns, though there are big city outliers like Edison, NJ, and Nassau-Suffolk metro area in New York. Many places that view themselves as traditional boast marriage rates above the national average. A few college cities buck the trend of having more singles. Texas cities McAllen and Laredo have similarly low s of single people. Bars and clubs that promote the ubiquitous "Ladies Night" might be surprised to find their city's gender gap favors the men.

Since the U. Evans said many dating events take care of any imbalance by "stocking the pond," applying a quota so the of participants of each sex are equal. Still, where there is an imbalance, the dating life is easier on one gender.

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Online dating companies are cluing into the gender gap. When advertising on TV, the radio, or the Internet, personals websites can alter the based on whether the city is likely to have a dearth of one gender. An effect of this, Evans said, is that people perceive that there are plenty of fish in the sea. A gender gap is more common than a perfect balance.

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Despite that, some places manage to have remarkably similar s of men and women, as if someone is stocking the pond of the entire city. Enhanced Cost of Living Calculator Now includes childcare, taxes, health, housing for home owners vs renters, insurance costs and more when you upgrade to premium. Log In Up. Going Solo in the USA. All rights reserved.

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Most single women

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