My friend is dating a bad boy

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I lived for the feeling of being adored by them. I admired their charm and mystery as if engulfed in a sort of spell cast upon me.

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I also spent many nights crying over these boys. I exhausted my mental energy, trying to figure out where I went wrong. And yes, I use the word boy instead of men because 1. Looking back, there are plenty of words of wisdom I would love to bestow upon myself about the idea of dating an elusive, daring bad boy. Part of the allure of the bad boy is the air to his personality. Instead of questioning his own actions or owning up to his mistakes, he is trying to turn the tables.

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The moment someone has the nerve to call you crazy, leave him, and never look back. You deserve to be with someone that recognizes your exceptional qualities. You belong with a man that realizes how lucky he is, just as you know you are lucky too. And if a boy ever calls you ugly, dumb, or worthless, take that as a parting gift because now you know what it feels like to experience a true asshole. You need to accept, love, and make yourself happy to really fill your own cup up.

You need to choose to be authentic and not bend for another person. So why waste your time? One day you will watch a movie that will change your life forever. That movie is called Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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A smart, charming, quirky girl by the name of Sam. The ones that say her prom is too lame to go to. The ones that end up cheating on her. And she chooses these men because she is only willing to accept the love she thinks she deserves. You deserve someone who supports you in your ambitions, not a boy that holds you back.

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You deserve someone that sees your faults and is willing to be there with you while you work through them or simply learn to accept them. You deserve more than what a bad boy can give. Subscribe to my newsletter for more of my writing and podcast. in.

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My friend is dating a bad boy

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Advice to My Younger Self on Dating the Bad Boy