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Pahile pahile tanna Nepalnews chat garera naya naya manche haru bhetinthiyo Load. Nepali chat looks good The problem with Sajha chat is freaking annyoing Sanjay Bajracharya. Opened by abusers those were kicked out of Nepali-chat. Ma Nepali. How is it an imitation if the base application is available to for all for a fee, it seems someone else decided they could do it better.

It is a cheap move by you MaEkBalak sir to defame others. I am not trying to defame anything. I just shed the lights on why there are two different sites holding same function, Because ban people need some place to chat too right??? And also nepali-chat is run by solely one person and his finance not like mazzako where all the abusers gathered and collected the money and gave me reason to call them cheap. Tell me the chatters i Nepal news chat above aint running the show and were not banned from nepali-chat. And dont even get me started on better please, it doesn't even have a mute button until its upgraded.

Its nothing different than nepali-chat. How can you call it cheap imitation if someone purchases a chat software and runs a new site? I am sure hundreds of sites Nepal news chat the same software. Haha you have a cheap mentality. Google started their search engine a lot later than yahoo so are you going to call google a cheap imitation? It is a free market and the best company will attract more customers.

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Do not be jealous or insecure because others open another chat room :. I said what i thought was right, not trying to grow up and i dont know what made you think i am jelous of sth thats not even Nepal news chat of competition, first try to put the pieces together instead of acting up on ur aggression by the way i think u guys are the same person i mentioned above so no point on discussing with you. MaEkBalak pahile kasari lekhne sikera aau and we can all see who is being the aggressor here, affai attack garcha aafai victim bhayo bhancha.

MaEkBalak, hera bhai visichat ko product kinera chat kholdai ma timi hero hudainau, banauna sakchhau bhane afnai chat banau I'm sure if you're a "better programmer" rather than a "rich chat buyer" who "upgrades" then you'll Nepal news chat up making you chat even better. Tyo aru le banaideko chat application kinera ma kun better bhanera debate chai nagara. I have been to both chat and i prefer mazzakochat. But let us know when you code your own product and make it available to us. Bhai re kattina chinyaa jastto. Let people decide whats better.

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Chat baigyanik bhako re. There are lots of Nepali chat nowadays and some running from long ago. Also It supports voice and video chat 3. It is clean and supports voice and video chat. It is newest nepal chat. Hey mercy! Hows u? Good to know TR!! Thanks for looking out for me. Nas bro, nepali chat has lots of complaint filed against them :P.

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Nepal news chat

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