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Last Updated on July 8, by Karl. So, to help your brand with this crucial decision, Dreamgrow maintains this post: An up-to-date view on the movers, shakers, newcomers, and immovable monoliths that make up the social Network sites like facebook landscape. Below is a graph depicting the top 15 social networking sites and apps as calculated by industry-leading provider of business data, Statista.

It took Facebook only ten months to reach a million subscribers and only eight years to reach a billion. As of FebruaryFacebook boasts 2. Somewhat surprisingly, its In comparison to other social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular amongst users aged between 12 and 34 years, although their US-based share of this demographic is most definitely shrinking. The biggest culprit — Instagram. The second-most popular social media platform on our list, YouTube comes in at a super-impressive 2.

Launched inthe video-sharing platform was initially intended to be a dating servicewith the founders reportedly publishing on Craigslist to entice women into posting videos of themselves talking about their ideal partners. The rather understandable lack of response resulted in the site being opened up for videos of any kind — a decision that would ultimately make Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim multi-millionaires. All of this by November — only 16 months after its official launch.

YouTube is also one of a tiny selection of social media platforms that reaches very young age groups. A study conducted by Pew Research revealed the following about the viewing habits of US children under the age of Despite its popularity amongst a younger audience, YouTube also boasts some remarkable stats for reaching the adult demographic. At India is second with 9. Founded in by two former Yahoo! WhatsApp is one of only three social networking platforms with a user base of over 2 billion — a milestone they reached in Despite a Network sites like facebook PR catastrophe surrounding an ill-advised update to their privacy policy, WhatsApp is still the most popular mobile messaging app on earth, beating Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, Telegram, and Snapchat to the title.

It says a lot about the power of Facebook that a service WITHIN their main platform reached the four spot on this prestigious list. As a result, Messenger offers businesses an unparalleled level of contact with their customers and prospects. There are more ways to interact with your le on Messenger than you can shake a stick at.

Facebook gleefully reports that over Network sites like facebook million active businesses use Messenger to interact with their potential customers and that over 20 billion messages are sent between businesses and regular users every month. Interestingly, while Messenger still lags behind WhatsApp in terms of total of global active users, Messenger is comfortably the more popular choice amongst users in the United States.

Founded by former Google employee, Kevin Systrom, inInstagram is the product of an incredibly diligent analysis of the social media landscape at the time. An early round of seed funding allowed Systrom to pivot the app, which initially focused on attracting whiskey and bourbon aficionados, into something broader. Something with industry-defining image manipulation tech and a far more immersive social experience than any other image-sharing service at the time. The result was an absolute beast of a social network. Three months later, it stood at 80 million users.

By Juneit reached the landmark million figure. Instagram offers incredible engagement rates in comparison to Facebook, its biggest competitor. Brazil 99 million is ranked second and Indonesia 88 million third, while Russia 56 million misses out on a podium finish. In an astonishing Network sites like facebook There are overnight success stories and then there is TikTok. The video-sharing platform burst onto the international scene in and quickly started racking up adoption figures that made competitors weep onto their keyboards.

A year later, it was one.

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And not by a small margin, either. The fledgling social network outperformed its nearest rival, WhatsApp, by a staggering million downlo. Have a look at Network sites like facebook table below for some more context. The difference between WhatsApp and the third-placed Facebook is only 60 million downlo!

TikTok still has a ways to go to catch up with its competitors in terms of the breadth of its demographic reach. Another property owned by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent the other is WeChatQQ has been around forever in internet years. This created a network effect where companies simply HAD to be on QQ because, well, all their partners, vendors, and clients were already using it. To keep it simple, Douyin is TikTok for a Chinese audience. The two platforms have the same parent company and the same core functionality but are most definitely two different apps, marketed to two different demographics.

In China, Douyin has become one of the most popular marketing channels for luxury brands.

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Unlike TikTok, Douyin has embraced user-monetization and provided content creators with more concrete mechanisms to generate revenue stream from their videos — mainly by integrating with popular Chinese e-commerce Network sites like facebook like Taobao. Companies, especially, have taken to Weibo as a marketing platform, with several international brands even succeeding in tapping into the massive Chinese market. When WhatsApp announced impending changes in their privacy policythe ramifications were instantaneous.

Users left the Facebook-owned chat app in droves — the majority of them trading it for Telegram, a hyper-secure IM and social networking app favored by blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency traders. The Guardian reports via data obtained from App Annie that between January 1 and January 12 ofWhatsApp had fallen from the 8th most downloaded app in the UK to the lowly position of 23rd.

During roughly the same period of time January 1 — January 21Telegram gained approximately 25 million new users. According to data published by HootsuiteNetwork sites like facebook Telegram users spend more time on the app than those using Facebook Messenger.

The social media specialists report that the average user spends 2. This infused each Snapchat interaction with an immediacy that resonated with a younger generation of mobile internet users. It also helped that the app broke the mold when it came to augmented reality filters and lenses — features that instilled Snapchat interactions with a Network sites like facebook irreverence missing from other social networks.

Snapchat has shown some seriously impressive growth in its daily active users DAU outside of the United States and Europe. DAUs in the rest of the world, however, have skyrocketed in this timeframe, going from 47 million to a whopping 99 million. Functionally, it offers very similar features to Douyin, but there are key differences in the type of content the two networks create and how it is curated and displayed. The image-sharing platform saw a record growth year ingaining more than million new monthly active users between January and December.

Important information for brands looking to promote themselves on Pinterest is that the social media platform is only now starting to make its mark outside of the United States. The next closest territory is Germany which s for a mere 3. France is third with 2. Demographically, Pinterest has largely been dominated by female users. Reddit is a haven for the niche-obsessed. Australia 4. Currently, Reddit has just over 2. These are largely independent communities that exist with minimal moderation and interference from the platform itself. Users are able to form thriving communities around some pretty obscure topics — something that breeds fierce loyalty to a platform.

There you go. The 15 most popular social networking sites and apps.

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In all seriousness, knowing as much as possible about a platform before you start promoting your brand on it is absolutely critical to social media marketing success. Different functions and features make certain platforms more appropriate for one brand than another. At the same time, different legacies and cultures also attract specific audience demographics.

Build solid insight into all of these variables and your next social media campaign is far more likely to show the returns your business deserves. Looking to use social media to make money? Consider starting a dropshipping businessgetting into selling on Amazon with tools like JungleScout, or build a blog! Last Updated on July 8, by Karl Social networking platforms are locked in a never-ending game of musical chairs.

Facebook — 2. Here are some other interesting facts about Facebook usage: India is the country with Network sites like facebook most active Facebook users millionthe US is second millionand Indonesia third million. Network sites like facebook average American user spends up to 38 minutes per day on Facebook. YouTube — 2. More than half of parents said their children watched Youtube at least once a day. WhatsApp — 2. Facebook Messenger — 1. Instagram — 1. SinceSnapchat has been the most popular social network amongst teens and young adults.

Kuaishou is the more popular platform for live streaming, serving double the amount of live streams in its local content section than Douyin. Kuaishou has a stronger relationship-driven approach to content recommendation. In Conclusion There you go.

Network sites like facebook

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