New york sublet apartments

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I subleased thanks to leasebreak It was quite extraordinary, because they needed it furnished and I didn't want to move out my stuff Overall leasebreak gave me more than other 4 sites I used combined. Found a tenant much more quickly than anticipated. Super easy to create and update the listing. Found someone to rent quickly and effectively, even through the Christmas holidays and a global pandemic. I recommend the service!

Welcome to Leasebreak. We are a place to post and search for New York City and New Jersey leasebreaks, furnished short-term rentals, sublets, month rentals, and shares. We are a transparent marketplace for tenants, agents, and landlords. You can post and search furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent for free! It is FREE! While about half of our inventory are short term furnished apartments for rent direct from New york sublet apartments landlord or agent, the other half are from tenants who are breaking their lease or sublets.

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Most are no fee rentals. Often landlords will allow you New york sublet apartments break your lease if you can provide a qualified renter to take it over. Also read 3 Steps to Break My Lease and over customer testimonials! Getting a furnished short term rental in NYC is not easy as you may think, although Leasebreak makes it much easier. The reason furnished short term rentals are so hard to obtain is because temporary housing makes up a very small percentage of available NYC apartments.

Landlords would rather have longer term leases, and as long as the vacancy rates in NYC remain low, landlords have the leverage to dictate the terms.

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To landlords, furnished short term rentals temporary housing are just too risky. Before New york sublet apartments hit the scene infurnished short term rentals were also very difficult to find because there was no one New york sublet apartments people could go to see the thousands of available furnished short term rentals at any given time.

You can post and search for free! This is also known as "temporary housing". Be careful if you are looking for a furnished short term rental under 30 days. In Manhattan most furnished leases that are less than 30 days are illegal.

You need to bring or rent your own furniture. It could mean furnished apartments which include only beds and rugs, or furnished apartments that include everything from linens to toothbrushes and everything in between. Yes, unfortunately there is usually a price to pay for temporary housing! Also note that the price really spikes in the summer months when the demand is ferocious for furnished short term apartments as many young professionals are looking for places to stay during their summer internships.

Of course, there may be hidden fees too on furnished short term rentals, so make sure you always ask the lister about the following: cleaning fees, application fees, credit check fees, and hotel taxes. Make sure you have an understanding of all fees, which should all be disclosed on the listing by the way. If not please let us know! Leasebreak goal is to provide a transparent marketplace to help you find a furnished short term rental.

First, what is a sublet? The lease in this situation is known as a sublet.

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It can be a short term sublet, or a long term sublet. It can also be a furnished sublet or an unfurnished sublet. The first situation would be when a tenant is subletting their apartment because they are going to be away for a set period of time - usually between 1 month and 12 months - with the intention New york sublet apartments coming back and living in the apartment. This would be the first kind of sublet. This would be the second kind of sublet and can provide temporary housing for the incoming renter.

That is, all rent due for the sublet will usually be paid to the existing tenant, not the official landlord. When a renter wants to look at furnished sublets, they are almost NEVER talking about the legal definition.

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Leasebreak has thousands of these type of furnished sublets on our website. Of course, many tenants who are subletting their apartments may also be offering a furnished sublet. However, the type of furnishings vary greatly. For example, the tenants who planned to come back to the apartment usually are leaving ALL of their furniture behind, while the person who is looking to terminate the lease early will often take some or all of their furniture with them.

For this reason, make sure you confirm exactly what furniture is staying New york sublet apartments a furnished sublet, especially if the furnished sublet is being offered by a tenant. Good news! We saved your message and can take you back to this apartment.

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If you are registering, look for the link as soon as you activate! We will try to get back to you soon! Find any apartment for rent on Leasebreak. Find a Lease. Move-In Date. Select Location. Submit Search. Advanced Search. Post a Lease.

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New york sublet apartments

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Is it legal to sublet your apartment in NYC?