Online games to meet people

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Since arriving in a digital age, friendships have undeniably changed. The line between online and local friends has become blurred, and amidst a pandemic, staying connected has never been so important. Many countries remain in lockdown, and understandably, people have never felt more isolated. Bringing us a living virtual world, this first-person MMO title takes place within an expansive hotel resort. Providing access to your own condo, it essentially acts as a hub for smaller games, allowing players to visit numerous game worlds.

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Hosting six different game worlds, a fully realised arcade with over 20 playable games, a casino for card-based exploits and more, it goes beyond a pure community space, and PixelTail has given players full reigns to socialise within this world. Want to watch a film? Laser Tag? Zombie Massacre? Why not. So how does translate to making friends?

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Quite simply, Rocket League holds an active community, with segments specifically dedicated to in-game item trading. If all goes well, players can also create in-game clubs, allowing up to 20 members to at once. This brings a lot of personal benefits such as custom team colours, unique club names and personal club tags.

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Depending on who you ask, responses to VRChat may vary ificantly. Released back in as an early access title, this free-to-play MMO Online games to meet people has seen a slowly developing community since launch, fully embracing online culture. It contains a desktop mode, just with some control limitations. A community-driven platform, how you experience VRChat comes down to you, allowing users to create their own worlds, avatars and custom content. Social media has dominated online life for the last two decades, beginning as early as GeoCities but is now widely led by Facebook and Twitter.

Outside private user conversations in-game, few titles have explored this concept until now. Content is entirely user-based and could be used in a variety of ways, from sharing funny stories to venting frustrations. Once sent, people can then reply and vice versa. As with any platform, you must be mindful of what you share with others, but for those feeling lonely, it could be the pick-me-up needed.

An adventure game deed with mobile multiplayer in mind, Sky sees you explore a magical kingdom, allowing players to fly across it via a cape.

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Collecting these improves your cape, granting even further flight, so it pays to be thorough in your exploration. As you progress, players will meet lots of different people, but unlike Journey, interactions are fully fleshed out. You can send gifts, chat with them, power up their flight abilities, even hug them for that personal touch. What are Partner Games?

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Online games to meet people

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