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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Paranormal Date has a consumer rating of 1. Paranormal Date ranks th among Dating sites. I just ed up for this site and have a question that requires a real person's involvement. There is absolutely no way to get to someone. You can only see a bunch of canned questions and answers even though there is a "help" "support" and "" options. There is no way to contact anyone. I only ed up for one month and that is going to be plenty. I hope the company re this stuff.

Site csr responded Tues. So I swear this is my experience. I am still a "member" victim. You will Paranormal dating sites better looking for companionship at a grocery store. AND there is no evidence Paranormal dating sites wants to talk about the paranormal or date stuff either. A bogus dating site in my opinion. George Norry: a millionaire you should be ashamed. I would give site a negative Paranormal dating sites if possible. This site was set up so paranormal wackos could find each other and date. I'm not one, but was curious as to what kind of people are on this site.

I ed up and created an just to browse profiles for free. I didn't put one picture up and left my profile completely blank. I started receiving a few s almost immediately that so-and-so was interested in me and has sent me a message. So I clicked on "read message" and it takes me to a where I have to up and pay money to read the messages. Maybe this review is just premature because I haven't really been burned by this site, but it just reeks of the typical scam dating sites. Why would anyone send a message to someone with no picture and nothing in their profile?

It probably is a company generated bot sending messages to me to try and entice me into a paid membership. And once I pay to read my messages, the person's profile no longer exists, and new messages stop coming. This has happened to me on other sites, and this site shows the same scam pattern. Two Paranormal dating sites, because I didn't up and get burned. I ed for 1 month! Not ''one'' person I chatted with had either heard of George Noory ''or'' listened to radio! Shameful and deceiving! ed up hoping to find women with similar niche interests, cancelled days later.

Site is absolutely full of fake profiles, you will see the same faces with multiple s. Also twice had an saying someone was interested In meeting and when I go to look at their profiles they had been deleted. Lastly very poor levels of English from many of the people who are allegedly native speakers just reinforces the whole thing is a massive scam.

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Save your money. Full with criminals behind bars on death row or newly release inmates homeless scanners boys. Some of moderators policing must be behind it all it's all greed. Too many restrictions on first amendments rights all void all void. No freedom of expression but bad boys are excemt sending lude sexual depraved female genitalia harassing notes all allowed by site controlling thugs.

I was victimized I never met anyone at all. A bad man took two of my photos Paranormal dating sites trashed me further reposting my photos in various others singles sites trashing me in everyway a woman can be trashed and actually sent me a note writing that my photos appeared everywhere else.

Identity theft lots of it diffamation of character and slander. Some even named the singles place. Really I care only Paranormal dating sites my character not the reputation other demented demons stain with out of jealousy envy malice. On this Earth it all comes back to hunt us all its cause and effect so I am at peace and whoever believes I am trash is not my friend nor flesh and blood simple as that.

Until someone loves me my life or what they trash it with is their bad karma not my own. Beware possible dangerous criminal human predators on site. There is no customer support or communication. All I did was delete a couple of sentences from my profile, and I got a message that it violates their standards.

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It would not tell me what was wrong with my profile. I said nothing wrong in there. So I deleted other sentences with the same response. So my profile won't work. Why should I pay for a rejected profile narrative? There is no one to tell me exactly what is wrong. Paranormal dating sites also won't let me delete my photo without ing another. That photo belongs to me, not them. Finally, most of the members are not interested in the paranormal; they are just members from other sites, and the men look like serial killers who can't communicate in English.

When I tried to delete myI followed the instructions, and it said "access Paranormal dating sites the url you requested is forbidden. I'm glad I didn't pay and never will. Tip for consumers: That it's not paranormal and they won't let you remove your photo or delete your. Pretending to be man looking for love but will steal your money. Using the identity of soldier overseas most likely using deceased Marine photos. My banks dispute dept. They know its bs and have set it up so you pay and cant cancel payment! No option for a zero rating or negative rating, so take my 1 star and multiply it by negative infinity!

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Paranormal dating sites has taken the original Coast to Coast and screwed that and this up. Prior to embarking on an actual membership, I agreed to test it out by filling out a detailed profile which I assumed would be responded to by men who shared my paranormal and other stated interests. I could not tell by responses I got that the men had any connection to C2C or anything at all spiritual. I am vegan, spiritual, am interested in all subjects discussed on C2C. At least at sites like eHarmony you don't waste time and it's a legit way to meet likeminded people.

The terms must be They steal your money and block you from ever discovering fake robot characters who cant personable respond with specifics to your questions such as may we meet this week in our neighbourhood we are living 19 minutes apart walking distance? Shame on George Norey.

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This site is a complete scam. You are not allowed to post or message anyone on the site about your membership. They edited my profile to their liking and then "approved" it. Now that I've read what others say it makes more sense. If you said something about your membership it might not apply to whomever they are pulling in from elsewhere.

Paranormal dating sites

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