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Our Northern Irish bucket list is a comprehensive list of top-quality places you should visit in Ireland. It includes tourist attractions, landmarks, mountains, and much more. An interesting fact about Northern Ireland is that it is home of Game of Thrones. As a result, Northern Ireland has experienced a resurgence as a worldwide tourist destination. Several tour companies operate tours from Belfast and Dublin, exploring all the major filming locations of Game of Thrones.

Tours from Belfast and Dublin are available with multiple tour companies. Private tours are available with Game of Personal video bucket list Belfast needed Tours. Located in the heart of Belfast Personal video bucket list Belfast needed St. Before the 20 th century, it was an open meat market which contained a slaughterhouse and a meat market. Today, St. Truly one of the top things to see in Northern Ireland. For those interested in scenic hikes, this one is for you, and another of the best places to visit in Northern Ireland.

At meters, it is the third highest mountain in Northern Ireland. It has a special place on our NI bucket list! It is an intermediate-level hike and should take about seven hours, including breaks, to get from the car park to the top and back. These famous walls, which are approximately 1. Constructed during the 17 th century, these walls serve as a great insight into historically walled cities in Europe. A walk around the walls provides a unique view of the layout of the original town, which still preserves a Renaissance-style street plan to the present day.

Tours of the walls are also available here; more information can be found in the Visit Derry information centre. Going to an ice hockey game here is a great experience. The arena is fantastic, and the atmosphere is second-to-none! So, if you are looking for a unique sporting experience and are wondering what to see in Northern Ireland, a Belfast Giants game is a safe bet!

Ireland is considered one of the best rugby nations in the world. No matter where you go in Ireland, you will never be too far from a world-class rugby institution. Ulster Rugby is one such organisation that represents Ulster the northern province of Ireland.

They are one of four professional provincial rugby teams in Ireland. If you are a rugby fan, a trip to see Ulster is one of the best things to do in Northern Ireland! Probably the most famous and historic castle in Northern Ireland is Carrickfergus Castle. It is another of the top things to see in Northern Ireland. Situated in the town of Carrickfergus just outside Belfastthis castle has seen its fair share of historical events. Besieged by the Scots, Irish, English, and French, the castle played an important military role until the early 20 th century and remained a well-preserved medieval structure.

If you are from America and are tracing your roots back to Northern Ireland, there is no better place to visit that the Ulster American Folk Park. Here you can immerse yourself into the story of the many brave migrants who made the voyage across the North Atlantic to America hundreds of years ago.

This park is a perfect time capsule of what rural Ulster was like back then, with little streets, farmhouses, and thatched cottages. You can also experience what it was like to board an emigrant ship in the full-scale replica on show here. The racecourse is created on the streets and ro between towns of Coleraine, Portstewart, and Portrush. If you want to get off the grid for a few days, let us tell you about Rathlin Island, one of the top things to see in Northern Ireland. It is also the most northerly inhabited island off the coast of the island of Ireland.

The island itself is only six miles long. It has a small amount of accommodation, along with a pub, restaurant, and a community shop. Amidst the jagged scenery of this gorgeous island, you can discover a tranquillity and beauty like never before. If you are visiting during puffin season April to Julybe sure to see them along with lots of other sea birds at the re-furbished seabird centre!

If you are interested in the story of the Titanic, then Titanic Belfast should be on your bucket list! Since launching inthe museum Personal video bucket list Belfast needed won awards of excellence. Self-guided tours offer you the chance to learn all about the well-known vessel, the individuals who assembled it, and the people who were on board its maiden voyage. A ticket for this tour is steep, so if you are on a low budget trip, you can still stroll into the main reception area and also on the slipway.

Afterwards, be sure to pop next door to the hotel Personal video bucket list Belfast needed a drink and some food in the room where the famous ship was deed! Slieve Gullion Forest Park offers the unmissable opportunity to experience peaceful forest trails along with spectacular mountain views. The main 10km trail is marked and starts at the car park, through the woodlands, and to the summit of Slieve Gullion. At the summit, you will find an incredible Bronze-Age tomb and incredible views of multiple counties of Ireland! Dunluce Castle is a now-ruined medieval castle on the north coast of Ireland, the former seat of the MacDonnell Clan.

It is located on the edge of a basalt outcropping. It is reachable via a bridge connecting it to the mainland. The castle is surrounded by steep drops on each side, which may have been an essential factor which influenced the decision to build a castle here. The first castle to built here was during the 13 th century. Since then it has seen several historical events, including the sinking of a colony ship with the loss of souls.

If you love walks through enchanting forests, make sure you put Glenariff Forest Park on your bucket list! This park covers over 1, hectares with planted woodland, lakes, outdoor recreation spaces, and conservation areas. There are several walking trails through the park that give spectacular views, glimpses of wildlife, plant life, and three stunning waterfalls.

Glenariff is open to the public and provides for many outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, and horse riding. There are recreational areas such as picnic and barbeque areas, as well as a tea house. If you love beaches, then make sure you make a trip to Whiterocks Beach on the north coast!

Truly one of the top places to visit in Northern Ireland. This incredible beach was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award multiple times and has become a favourite with locals, and a must-see destination for international visitors. The beach, situated just off the Causeway Personal video bucket list Belfast needed Route, is a unique, stunning beach with a backdrop of limestone cliffs that stretch from Curran Strand to Dunluce Castle.

Every year, Whiterocks is a mecca for water sports enthusiasts, including surfers, bodyboarders, and surf kayakers. The beach is also popular with walkers to and from Portrush along the continuous stretch of sand that forms East Strand. Belfast is probably the best place in Northern Ireland to do a pub crawl as there are so many bars on offer. about our suggested traditional pub crawl here: The Belfast Pub Crawl. One of the best places in Belfast for a view of the city is from Cave Hill, a basaltic hill overlooking the city.

From this point, visitors to Cave Hill Country Park can take in panoramic views of the Northern-Irish capital from different vantage points on the hillside.

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Although it is a fairly tough climb, it is so gratifying when you get to the top of this and see Belfast in all its beauty! On one Personal video bucket list Belfast needed trip, a well-informed chauffeur le the tours in small groups in London-style black cabs. This former prison is now a museum which offers daily tours. Each tour brings you through the old prison wings, execution areas, and tunnels to the old courthouse. At the same time, you learn about the history of this building. The tours are brilliantly delivered and extremely enlightening.

Regular guided tours last around 75 minutes and are open to the public daily. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Northern Ireland, but Glenoe Waterfall has to be top of the list! This pretty little waterfall is snuggled in the hills just outside the charming small village of Gleno. To get here, you need to find the car park on Waterfall Rd. Once at the car park, you simply follow a path through the trees to the stunning waterfall.

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The trek only takes about two minutes. If you are visiting Northern Ireland and are staying in Belfast, a trip to this waterfall just outside the city is the perfect excursion. Another of the top things to see in Northern Ireland. Spanning almost miles along the coast from Belfast to Derry, this scenic drive has everything from castles to stunning landscapes, Game of Thrones filming locations, Personal video bucket list Belfast needed, and much more.

If you are looking for a thrill, look no further than Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in County Antrim! This famous rope bridge, near Ballintoy, is one of the top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. The bridge itself links the mainland to a beautiful tiny island, spanning 20 metres and 30 metres above the rocks below. The functioning distillery is open for daily tours which attract aroundvisitors per year. Make sure to read about the six things we experienced here. Looking one of the top things to see in Northern Ireland?

This incredible trail, located just outside Enniskillen, meanders through one of the largest areas of blanket bog in Northern Ireland, traversing over tracks, boardwalk and, finally a staircase to a viewpoint.

After climbing the steep staircase and arriving at the viewing platform on Cuilcagh Mountain, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.

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The journey back takes slightly less time, so it is recommended to give yourself about three to five hours to do this hike. These rocks are famous all over the world, and, as such, people come from every corner of the globe to see them. As a consequence, it is named after him. When visiting this spot, you will not just be blown away by the incredible rocks, but also by the incredible natural beauty of the area.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. It is located approximately minutes from Dublin by car. The Ulster Banner was abolished inalthough it is still used by unionists and loyalists.

Personal video bucket list Belfast needed

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