Signs your guy friend is falling for you

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Is he really just a friend or are these s your guy friend is falling for you?

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What you need to do now is look at the s your guy friend is falling for you. Sometimes, friendships evolve. The s your guy friend is falling for you For my entire life, I was a tomboy. Always hanging out with guys, playing sports, and wearing baggy clothes. Some of that was self-esteem and the rest was just feeling more comfortable around men than women.

You can hang out with them, talk to them about your problems, and have a laugh. This is all a part of bonding. But sometimes, these feelings can evolve into something more and not necessarily planned either. What can I say, the heart wants what it wants. Some guys that like you may even be hesitant to make a move because they think you already have a boyfriend.

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You go to the movies, watch TV at home, grab take out, have photos on Instagram together. You spend hours and hours together, which is great, but it obviously gives off certain vibes. You may be sitting together on the couch, and you just feel like he wants to tell you something important. Maybe he attempts to tell you something but then brushes it off and changes the subject. If you feel that he wants to tell you something, listen, because it may be about his feelings for you. If he does mention other women, he always talks about them not being quite the right girl.

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He stands up for you and will protect you from other disrespectful guys rather than ing in and teasing you. Both families know the two of you so well, why would that be? See the difference? No one spends days and days on end with someone unless they like them. Good things! No more looking for s, he made the first step.

Now, how are you going to respond? Do you like him?

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Do you want more? You know, your guy friend may not actually be falling for you. Editor-in-Chief of www.

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