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Hide Ad. Tags: trannydressingcumslut. I could not wait to get home from work on Friday. My routine was the same. It was total preperation for the weekend.

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I was a highly placed executive with the company I worked for at the time. Nobody knew that I lived as Sissy cumslut stories total sissy slut cock worshipping whore on the weekends. I was seeing a guy who was very dominate. I met him online. The first night he took me home he dressed me before having sex with me. He made it clear that I was to not only always be a "girl" around him but I was to come back next weekend.

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He insisted that I be dressed and totally fem for him. I loved that because I was into that very thing.

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So on Friday night I would take all of the necessary preperations for "alot" of anal sex, take a long bath, shaving all body hair and being "cleaned out". Then pick out the sluttiest thing I could wear in public for the drive to his house. Sissy cumslut stories I would stay Friday and Saturday night I always packed several outfits for the weekend.

Alot of lingerie, stockings, etc It was summer time and I left my house around 4 in the afternoon.

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I managed to sneak out of work a bit early on that particular day. Sneaking into my pickup without having to chat with the neighbors was always a chore. It was a sprint to say the least. But I did it. There was no opportunity between my place and his to dress so what the hell, the possiblility of being caught made it all that much hotter anyway.

So I left the house in a skin tight black dress, barely long enough to cover my ass and cock, black stockings, long blond wig and garter and knee high stripper boots. Here I am driving down the Sissy cumslut stories in my dress with a hard on making a tent. No panties because he never let me wear them. I called him to tell him I was on the way. I could tell he was jerking off in anticipation on the other end.

He was talking so dirty. I was hard as a rock because he told me to never cum during the week and I obeyed. I had not cum since being with him the Sunday. Sissy cumslut stories first nut after five days was always huge as is most guys. I had him on speaker. I did what he told me. There I was driving down the road, stroking my cock, traffic passing me on both sides and they had no idea. I was in a pickup, who would know? Guess I didn't think of trucks taller than me. So there I am, riding along, my tall tanned thin legs covered in my stockings, my dress pulled up around my waste stroking my smooth hard cock.

My head layed back thinking about the fucking I was about to get. Little did I know I Sissy cumslut stories getting it sooner than I thought. I looked to my right to see a package delivery guy in a brown truck watching me as we are rolling down the road. I quickly notice that he has his cock out. I told Heberto my guy on the phone of course that a guy is riding along next to me watching me stroking my cock and he has his cock out waving at me to pull over.

He tells me to find a place to pull over and "take care of him". I had a feeling he might say that. He loved sharing me with his buddies and showing me off. Of course I did as I was told. Looking at the road and still stroking my cock when Heberto told me to find a place to take care of my new friend, I reached to the door to roll down the passenger window so I could holler at him. I looked right as the window was going down and there he was standing on the steps, shorts around his knees, driving with his right hand and jerking with his left.

Holy Shit!!!! I told him to follow me. He nodded and fell in behind me. I Sissy cumslut stories into a strip mall that was wooded to that back and very private. I parked and he pulled his truck up next to me. He stood in the doorway with his cock out looking at me hungrily. I walked inside with my cell phone in hand. He was already in the back. As I stepped in I heard "shut the door and lock it". I did it. I stepped to the back of the van and he was sitting on a stack of boxes with his pants off stroking his hard cock.

I introduced him to my "man" on the phone. Heberto told him I would do anything he told Sissy cumslut stories, just sit back and enjoy it. He quickly told me to suck his cock. I did of course. I set the phone on the boxes next to us. Heberto was asking him if I was doing a good job.

He told me to make him proud. He was asking him if I was hot and if he would like to fuck me. He said yes of course. He told our new friend to lay me back on a stack of boxes, throw my legs in the air and pound my pussy.

He did just that. The whole time he fucked me, my man was listening. He was encouraging him to cum in my pussy. Before long he did just that. I wanted to cum soooo fucking bad but he told me I couldn't. I had to save it for him. After our new friend came in me as Sissy cumslut stories he told me to clean him up. I fell to my knees taking him in my mouth, savoring the last drops of his cum and the hot taste of my own ass juice. I fixed myself up and left his truck. I got back in my own vehicle to finish my journey to a weekend of fucking.

Heberto lived on a farm, neighbors nowhere to be found. Nice summer weekends were spent outside naked more often than not. Outdoor sex was very common for us. I pulled into his driveway and he approached my pickup totally naked and hard. He jerked my door open Sissy cumslut stories pulled me out of the cab telling me what a whore and slut I was. As I got up he noticed a big load of cum on my seat that leaked out of my ass.

He spun me around and forced my face onto it and told me to lick it up. I did so gladly.

Sissy cumslut stories

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