Songs about breaking up with someone

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What better way than to throw on some music to help the healing. Here are 25 songs, spanning various styles no country, which is pretty much all about lost love for those who just fell out of love. When the great Roy Orbison sings, we should listen. Orbison had said the song was about knowing something is over before it's actually over — especially a relationship. It also happens to be one of Orbison's most beautiful songs and among the great rock ball that perhaps doesn't get enough recognition amid his catalog. One of the most recognized songs of all time, there are several versions out there, but Gaye's is the one that stands out among all.

While the tune has that memorable soul sound, it's a gut-wrenching song about someone finding out that his lover is getting it on with somebody else, and he heard it from a party other than the ificant other. For anybody who has broken off a relationship around the Christmas holiday, then this is the song to play.

Mitchell speaks of Christmas time, and legend tells that it could be about her moving on from a late s-early-'70s relationship with Graham Nash. It's also one of the most covered of all Mitchell songs, notably by English pop star Ellie Goulding in Arguably the song that defined Simon's career and one whose backstory is among the most intriguing in music history. Who exactly is this self-indulgent boyfriend Simon thinks is "so vain?

There's also speculation that it could be about Mick Jagger or prominent writer Nicholas Delbanco. In many circles, it's considered the greatest breakup tune of all time. The highlight of Fleetwood Mac's commercial breakout "Rumours," the song was written from Lindsey Buckingham's point of view on his split with bandmate Stevie Nicks. It doesn't paint Nicks, or the situation, in a positive light, but it sure made for a great track that has stood well over time. Nicks is not as brutally straightforward as Buckingham was on "Go Your Own Way," but the song is haunting and essentially lets Fleetwood Mac's male star know that he's giving up a good thing.

Though the tune was controversially left off "Rumours," it finally earned its place in the band's legacy through 's "The Dance. This disco classic might be the most empowering post-breakup song of all time. More than 40 years after its release, the former No. Though Gaynor had other hits, none experienced the level of success and iconic status as this moving-on anthem.

Some insight into the tortured soul that was Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. The lyrics touch on Curtis' marital issues and what he was thinking through it all while also dealing with depression. Though it has that quintessential post-punk, synth-pop sound, the lyrics are haunting and take the listener into the mind of the talented but troubled Curtis, who committed suicide one month before the release of Joy Division's biggest commercial hit.

This was the last top single the Swedish quartet earned in the United States. It's a beautifully sad pop song and probably even tougher for the one-time couple who had to perform it together. In addition to being down in the dumps from his recent breakup, Kihn also isn't too happy that there aren't many good breakup songs for him to drown his sorrows in. So as perhaps some type of cathartic measure, Kihn decides to sing about the latter and essentially come up with his own severely underrated breakup song in the process.

It's never easy trying to get your ex to come back, knowing very well that's not going to happen for whatever reason. That's what Collins was singing about on his '80s hit that was part of the "Against All Odds" soundtrack. It's a song about feeling Songs about breaking up with someone in love, which can be pretty painful even for a stud like Jeff Bridges.

O'Connor became a household name on the pop scene with her work on this Prince-penned heartbreaking ballad about a jilted lover unsuccessfully trying to move on from being dumped. The poignantly powerful music video, where the crew-cut O'Connor sheds some tears, only added to the emotional impact of the song that defined her career. With one hit, Canada's Morissette went from a national pop star performing in shopping malls to the most angst-ridden female voice of the s.

Or least on one track. To say this breakup was messy would be a severe understatement, and Alanis is not doing well and wants her ex to know. But who exactly is she shooting daggers at? Our favorite theory is that the song is about former "Full House" star Dave Coulier, who has reportedly both admitted and denied the fact. Joey Gltone, really? Re-worked a of times, this No Doubt hit began as a love song and turned into one about singer Gwen Stefani's breakup with bassist Tony Kanal after seven years as a couple.

It's never easy being in a band with someone you broke up with, but Stefani and Kanal made it work, and the song is honest and strong enough for the world to take this band seriously. Even a multiple-Grammy winner like Braxton can feel heartbreak.

She did not write this monster breakup ballad about begging a former lover to return and make things right again, but she put all her emotion into performing it like a yearning ex. It should be recognized as one of the most powerful pop ball of the s. While JT reportedly has not come out and said this song is completely about his breakup with Britney SpearsSongs about breaking up with someone stated it did inspire the writing of the song, with Spears the naughtier of the two in terms of who was at fault.

The ballad of feeling down after some good love gone bad is one of Timberlake's best songs and earned him tremendous success as the true highlight of his stellar solo debut. Clarkson wasn't the first choice to perform the Songs about breaking up with someone Pink and Hilary Duff were reportedly given first crackbut the "American Idol" songbird more than did the power-pop ballad justice. A song about being glad to break free from a bad relationship remains one of Clarkson's ature tunes and among the best radio-friendly breakup songs of all time.

It's one of the Songs about breaking up with someone breakup songs of the s. There's almost a cabaret-like feel to one of Winehouse's most popular songs, which Mark Ronson helped pen. The basis for the soulful reportedly stems from the late singer's junkie ificant other, Blake Fielder-Civil, taking off to be with an old girlfriend.

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For as troubled as Whinehouse was in real life, even when singing about romantic despair she seems full of life and confidence. Even hipsters aren't immune to a little relationship trouble. Bon Iver leader and Eau Claire, Wisconsin, native Justin Vernon wails about being in a relationship, seemingly, for the sake of being in a relationship that is not filled with much substance.

Hey, it's better than being alone, and sometimes we just need somebody to make us feel important and wanted. There's nothing worse than being in Songs about breaking up with someone same place where an ex is hanging out and having a good time with someone else — that should be you. Robyn knows the feeling on her disco-influenced hit that offers some catchy dance-pop hooks and tends to stick in the head for a few days after.

It's actually upbeat enough to maybe clean the house or wash the dishes to while looking to shake that romantic funk. That Adele just can't keep a man. In this case she's trying to come to grips with the end of a relationshiplooking to move on while not harboring any ill will toward her ificant other. That's a healthy approach but usually better said than done.

Then again, singing about it might help, so throw Adele on and hope for the best. Rarely do songs about breakups or exes seem like a rollicking good time, but Swift seems totally upbeat while continuously shunning a former boyfriend who is trying to get back together with her. For the guy Songs about breaking up with someone question it's no fun, but Swift's monster hit is an unabashed example of feeling good about leaving the past behind and moving on.

Sure, there are those who don't want to take a group like Little Mix seriously. But in the realm of breakup songs, this is one of the better ones, as certainly has been the case over the past few years.

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It's an anthem of sorts for those ready to move on from a failed relationshipassuring that the best is yet to come while not looking back. Vincent" Clark," who sings about living in the same city as an ex-lover, post-breakup. It's a simple song from a musical standpoint, and even with the melancholy vibe of the tune, we seem Songs about breaking up with someone think Ms. Clark is going to be OK because she happens to be a strong woman who is comfortable showing off her vulnerability. Jeff Mezydlo has written about sports and entertainment online and for print for more than 25 years.

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Songs about breaking up with someone

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