Songs of feeling alone

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Loneliness can sometimes feel like the unwanted neighbor that always pokes their head over the hedges to see what's going on. Even when you're surrounded by your favorite people, there can be an overwhelming sensation of not feeling a part of the group. You may even feel as though being around everyone does not complete you. And judging by the lyrics in the songs about loneliness below, the people who wrote this music have felt like this, too.

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These songs about loneliness will really help you get in touch with those sensations and move through them. Because if you have ever experienced this feeling, you're not alone. Self care is not selfish. Being alone doesn't always mean that you have no friends or family to be around.

In fact, you're probably experiencing Songs of feeling alone or mental loneliness because you feel misunderstood. Maybe you don't think your voice is heard through the circumstance you're facing. You may be experiencing loneliness because you lost someone who made you feel a part of the crowd and allowed you to express yourself. Maybe the group you associate with doesn't seem to be reciprocating your desire for inclusion. Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you're feeling, and you don't always want to talk about it in first-person. That's why music is a saving grace.

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Music can help Songs of feeling alone map out your feelings and emotions, and allows you to express those sentiments without having to find the courage to speak about them. Finding the perfect song that shares exactly what you may be experiencing can be a major help to when the loneliness feels overwhelming.

Every single one of your favorite artists has written beautiful songs about feeling lonely. Take a look below so you can feel a little less alone. Mental health affects everyone in their own way. You are NotAlonewe are here to help and support you. It's easier to face the world when you're looking ahead. Take the time to be the one who reaches out. You may be spending more time by yourself than ever before. This might be difficult for you, and could be contributing to your feelings of isolation and loneliness.

You're not alone; you should never have to feel that way. Right now is the time to take care of yourself — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and get lots of rest. More importantly, if you don't feel like there's anyone to talk to you, give the Crisis Text Line a chance to alleviate some of those overwhelming sensations, for any reason. Crisis Text Line is a texting service for emotional crisis support. in. YourTango Experts. Destiny Duprey. Subscribe to our newsletter. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning. up now!

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50+ Best Songs About Feeling Lonely