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Get your free Tamil Jathagam in a few quick steps. Forget visiting the astrologer for a face to face consultation.

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The error-free report will guide you to a better future with its simple and easy to understand analysis. Get your Clickastro free horoscope in Tamil at the earliest. Panchangam at the time of your birth has a role in molding your basic characteristics. This report finds out your birth star, weekday, thithi, karanam and nithya yogam to give some basic character predictions. It lets you know about your physique, mindset, temperament, your temptations, tendencies etc. As per Tamil jathagam, the texture of your physical and metaphysical being, or the characteristics that are unique to you as an individual, is dependent on five factors at the time of your birth.

These are called the Panchanga in Tamil astrology. These five factors are the time and day of birth, or position of Earth in relation to the Sun, your birth star, or position of Earth in relation to cosmic constellations, Thidhi, or lunar day, or the position of the moon in relation to Earth, Karanam, or position of the moon in relation to the sun, and the Nithya Yoga, or the alignments of planets at the time of your birth. The Tamil astrology predictions based on your date and time of birth will tell you who or what kind of a person you are, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as per the kind of energy you received from The Sun, The Moon, the planets up to Saturn and a higher power which is the power from the stars in the constellation of your Tamil horoscope free prediction.

Knowing thus the nature of the energy within you, the Clickastro Tamil horoscope free prediction jathagam will help you understand how to harness positive vibrations and discard negative ones from cosmic forces befalling on you at any particular period in your life.

Get future predictions in Tamil based on date of birth and know how you can manipulate the energy of the universe to your own benefit and find your way into leading a healthy, peaceful, and successful life.

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The twelve bhavas or houses in your birth chart tells about the various aspects of your life. The 1st and 2nd houses represent your personality and wealth. Clickastro Tamil astrology report analyses these two houses in detail to give valuable predictions on your personality, status, wealth, assets etc. In Tamil astrology, the cosmos as seen from Earth is divided into twelve parts of approximately 30 degrees each to make for a degree chart.

Each part is called a particular Bhava or a Tamil horoscope free prediction. Each Bhava or House has its own peculiar nature of life energy which casts its own unique influence on the life of a person. In Tamil horoscope, The Sun is seen as making a round trip around the cosmos when viewed from a stationary Earth. Lagna is defined as that particular moment in time and space when the soul enters the mortal body.

In your online jathagamthis Lagna will determine where the Sun was in the twelve-Bhava cosmic chart as viewed from the stationary Earth at the time of your birth. Clickastro Tamil Astrology report will analyze these two houses in detail and inform the individual the optimal way to utilize wealth and to frame a personality that's both unique and which exists in harmony with other forces in society. Get jathagam kattam in Tamil and know the deeds you need to carry out to ensure a peaceful and materially comfortable life.

Thus, the report gives you Education predictionsCareer predictions and Marriage predictions as well. It can tell about your opportunities and obstacles in academics, career growth and married life. The favorable s Tamil horoscope free prediction education are spread over five different Bhavas or Houses in Tamil astrology.

The second House highlights the ability of speech. The fourth House highlights the energy of education while the fifth House highlights the energy of intelligence. Further, the details of the ninth House in online jathagam is important for higher education while the tenth House highlights success obtained through education. In Tamil jothidam each House or Bhava has its own unique planet or set of planets which accentuates the highlighted energies as well as those which cause detrimental effects. The horoscope has to be matched against the current House or Bhava as Tamil horoscope free prediction as the alignment of planets in the cosmos to know where and how the focus on education should be directed.

The tenth House highlights the growth in career. This doesn't mean growth just in financial terms but also growth in position, status, and honor.

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Free Tamil astrology predictions based on date of birth and time will also tell you whether the nature of energy in you matches that of an employee or an employer. When it comes to marriage predictions it is the seventh House that decides your fortunes.

This House governs your commitment to a relationship and the level of your understanding. Clickastro Tamil horoscope will guide you towards a life of honor with good education, right partner and success in career. You can know about the starting and ending times of each dasa and sub-dasa apaharam.

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According to Tamil Jathagam, Dasa means the time-period where one particular planet plays a pivotal role in the life of an individual. Ketu and Rahu are energy centers formed at diametrically opposite points where Moon's orbit around Earth intersects with Earth's orbit around Sun, and are considered equivalent to planets.

In this Horoscopeeach planet exerts an influence for a specified period during the lifetime of an individual.

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If the said planet occupies a position of strength during this period the individual will experience benign effects and if the planet is at a weak position, the effects may be detrimental. The position of the Moon at the time of birth decides which planet will have a first influence on the individual.

In online Jathagam Kattam, the influence of the planet is further compounded by the effect of each of the nine planets, the House or Bhava and the Nakshatras or the star constellations on the said planet. This sub-division in a Dasa is called Apahara or Bhukti. Certain kinds of planetary combinations in the horoscope create yogas. The Yogas influence you throughout your life. It can affect you positively or negatively.

You can know from this Tamil astrology report, your yogas that influence your wealth, married life etc. Yogas in Astrology means union. Yoga is the union of different planets under one or more of the twelve Houses under a specific Nakshatra or star constellation, resulting in its own unique kind of energy force which will have considerable influence upon the fortunes of an individual for a given specific period of time. Hence Yoga also means fate in colloquial terms. In an individual's Jathagam Kattam, Yoga may occur due to certain planets coming together under one House which can result in its own unique force.

Then there are Tamil horoscope free prediction of planets getting placed at Houses facing each other in the celestial chart. Such positioned planets in the Tamil Horoscope will be able to cast an influence on each other, resulting in a certain Yoga. In future Tamil astrology predictions based on date of birth and time, a third Yoga happens when a specific planet finds itself in a unique position in the celestial chart from where it can cast its influence through more than one House.

There are many numerous kinds of Yogas. Some, like the Raja Yoga, is famous, while most are not. Some may act in a benevolent way, others can bring suffering. Your Clickastro online horoscope will tell you the different kinds of Yoga your life will pass through, as well as the Yoga you are currently experiencing.

Clickastro Tamil jathagam studies your planetary alignments and dasa-apaharams in detail. Thus, the report gives you a list favourable periods in your life. You can go through this list to know about your favourable periods for marriagecareer, business, house construction etc. Life has its ups and downs. While what you do is Tamil horoscope free prediction up to your hands, it is possible to know whether you have the support of the universe for your cause.

In Tamil astrology, there are nine planets or grahas, each a source of energy unique to its nature. Then there are the twelve Houses which can cast its own unique influence on your physical and emotional life. In Jathagam Kattam, every House has a list of planets which, when in the said House, acts in a benign way, and another list of planets which may act in an unfriendly manner. For further accuracy in Tamil predictions based on date and time of birth, the cosmos is again divided into 27 nakshatras or star constellations.

Each Nakshatra has its Lord planet or the planet whose energy is conducive to that particular Nakshatra. At any given time, you are a recipient of cosmic forces resultant of planets placed under particular Nakshatras in a specific House in the cosmos.

This is then compared against your Tamil horoscope, especially your Dasa, or the particular planet having the strongest influence on you in the said period. Some periods may be favourable for you in terms of money and wealth, while others would bring you happiness in the form of a spouse or. Knowing your Clickastro online jathagam will thus let you know the measures to be taken on any particular endeavour you are engaged in during a specific period of your life and ensure its success.

Doshams are certain malefic features in the horoscope. It identifies your doshams and suggests remedies to overcome or lessen their effects. Of the nine planets in Tamil astrology, some are considered Tamil horoscope free prediction while others are considered malefic. In Tamil Jothidam planets bode ill for an individual when they are placed at their weakest position in a House. Such planetary effects are called Doshams, which could be loosely translated as hostilities.

Such Doshams in online jathakam can affect every aspect of life - from professional to social, family, and reproductive life. In Tamil astrology predictions based on date of birth and time, to keep Dosham effects at bay, various remedies are suggested. Remedies may be physical, psychological, emotional. Physically you can ward off a Dosham by carrying gemstones in your person or wearing clothes of particular colors that can make a particular planet 'like' you. In more scientific terms, such clothes or stones can act as a filter and stop harmful energy from impacting you.

Emotionally you can face Doshams with activities like fasting and charity works which would help you focus on the good and negate the bad. In psychological terms, Doshams could be rectified by visiting certain temples, worshipping certain deities, and chanting certain mantras or prayers during certain times of the day. Your Clickastro Tamil horoscope will tell you about the Doshams you may have to encounter in life and remedies needed, letting you lead a life of peace and fulfillment. Change of position of planets in the sky influences your life based on their position in your birth chart.

The change or transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Sun are most important. Your Tamil astrology report gives you your Saturn, Jupiter and Sun transit predictions. In life, the choices you make depend on external factors. As per Tamil Jothidam, the nine planets, 12 Houses and the 27 Nakshatras make your life eventful. Of them, it is the planets that cause varying seasons of fortunes during your time on Earth. In Tamil astrology, Saturn is the most feared. It is considered malefic, known to give discomfort and suffering. It spends around two and a half years Tamil horoscope free prediction each House.

Though malefic, Saturn gives positive on the 3rd, 6th, and 11th House from House of birth. Jupiter on the other hand is the most benevolent among planets. It is the planet of giving. In your online Jathagam, Jupiter stays in one House for around one year. It gives positive in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Houses from the House of birth. Even when in other Tamil horoscope free prediction, though it may cause negative impacts, the overall influence may be considered beneficial. The Sun represents power and ego in Tamil astrology. It is considered the father of the planetary system. It takes around one month to pass through each House.

The Sun brings positive when in 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th House from birth. Clickastro Tamil astrology predictions based on the date of Tamil horoscope free prediction and time will tell you when you stand to benefit from these planets and remedies needed to nullify their harmful effects at other times.

The free Tamil Jathagam will bring out the roots in you. The personal nature of the report and its accuracy will surprise you. It will be inspiring and comforting at the same time. Type in your birth details to get your free report which provides you with predictions on various aspects of life. Knowing your planets and s will shed Tamil horoscope free prediction on the future. You can make better decisions in life and your career.

Getting an astrology report on life is as essential as getting a medical report. Make use of this opportunity and get your Clickastro free report now. Astrologers rely on birth charts and horoscopes to study and analyze your personality, this process helps them predict your future. When it comes to predicting horoscope in Tamil, the various positions of celestial bodies have an impact on your future and affect various parts of your life. Your horoscope will provide you with an insight into the impact. There are 12 houses in each Tamil jathagam, and each house is 30 degrees.

Each house represents a particular zodiac symbol and it defines a particular aspect of your life like love, career, family, personality, and so on. As per Tamil horoscope, the cosmos surrounds the individual on all sides. This degree chart is divided into twelve parts of 30 degrees each. These are the twelve houses in Jathagam Kattam.

Each House carries its own unique features that may impact the life of the individual in a certain way. In online Jathagam, the impact of a House will be felt alongside that of the Planets and Nakshatras which are positioned at that specific House. Zodiac s: Your horoscope in Tamil states that there are 12 zodiac s they start from Aries and end at Pisces.

Each zodiac is categorized by a specific personality trait and Tamil horoscope free prediction can be observed in a person.

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