Tests of faith in the bible

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In our series of studies in Hebrews Eleven we come now to verses Notice that Abraham and Sarah are also mentioned in Hebrews in connection with the birth of Isaac, and what a very wonderful illustration of faith this is! Contrary to all human hopes and to the laws of nature, Abraham trusted God to perform His word and fulfil His promise.

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That is what faith is, and in Genesis we see how safe it is to trust God and how perfect His timing is. When we compare Hebrews with Genesiswe have a historical record which perfectly illustrates the very heart of the gospel. Not only is it true that faith will be tested, but it is the Lord who does the testing. Let us notice three aspects of the trial, or the testing, of faith. How much is faith tested? It is clear that some are, or appear to be, tested more than others. For example, not all are tested to the same extent as Abraham, Job or Paul.

Is there any ruling principle which will give us an explanation of the degree of testing? Yes, there is: faith is tested according to the measure of faith.

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There are degrees of faith, which fact we quickly learn by a comparison of Mark ; Matthew ; ; Luke ; the references should be looked up in that order. He would not have been ready for this great trial at the beginning of his experience of faith in God.

This is all true in our experience.

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We begin by trusting God simply for pardon, but as we go on we learn to trust Him in ten thousand other ways and for ten thousand other matters. In other words, how is faith tested?

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The Bible is packed full of illustrations of men and women whose faith was tested. Why does God test our faith? Here is a closing thought! God will always give back to us far more than He asks us to give up for Him. Links Blog Site map. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.

Bible Studies. Prove it! A little tree is strengthened by the wind; that is, by adversity.

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God tries our faith to secure the preciousness of it. God tries our faith to produce the fruit of it. This is what we learn from Johnparticularly in the last part of the verse. Our heavenly gardener is looking for fruit verse 2more fruit verse 2and much fruit verses 5 and 8 ; and one method He employs for producing this increasing amount of fruit in the lives of His children is that of trial and testing.

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Read 2 Corinthians ; Philippiansand then compare Actsparticularly noticing the last eight words in verse This site uses cookies More info No problem.

Tests of faith in the bible

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