Tips for dealing with rejection

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It's called the sting of rejection because that's exactly what it feels like: You reach out to pluck a promising "bloom" such as a new love interestjob opportunityor friendship only to receive a surprising and upsetting brush-off that feels like an attack.

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It's enough to make you never want to put yourself out there ever again. And yet you must, or you'll never find the people and opportunities that do want everything you have to offer. So what's the best way to deal with rejection, and quash the fear of being rejected again? Here are some psychologist-approved tips on moving onward and upward.

If a recent rebuff feels like a wound, that's because your brain thinks it is one.

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A University of Michigan study of Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI scans found that rejection actually activates the same parts of our brain as physical pain does. Thus, they were able to stay in the fold and protect their lives and those of their future progeny. You've had your hopes dashed. Maybe you've learned your crush wasn't mutual, or your friend has stopped accepting your calls. This can evoke a complicated knot of feelings, and identifying each one can kick off the recovery process.

Pam Garcypsychologist and certified life coach. Making a list of positive qualities you know you already possess can curb negative self-talk after the ego blow, and help you to bounce back sooner.

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Winch uses the example of a job rejection: "We might list our strong work ethic, responsibility, reliability, our steep learning curve, etc. Some rejections truly aren't as personal as they feel. Love rejection on Tinderfor example, simply means that some stranger took all of 20 seconds to make a snap judgment based on criteria you'll never be privy to.

But if, say, you used to be a member of the office happy hour crew and your after-work drink invites have suddenly Tips for dealing with rejection, it may be time to review your possible role in why that came to be. Think back to the last time you spent with the party in question you know, the rejecterwhether it was on a date or in a job interview. Winch suggests a mental replay of what, to your best recollection, you said or did, and how they reacted. Is there anything you could've done differently to improve the encounter, or can you at least prevent it from happening again in the future?

Self-examination is not the same thing as self-criticism, which will only make you feel worse. It will also interfere with our ability to learn from the experience, because it will demoralize and demotivate us. While assessing your own part in your rejection experience can yield insights about what not to do next time, avoid writing a negative story about yourself in your Tips for dealing with rejection just because you were ghosted after a second date. Gracy suggests using a technique from Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy REBT to assess whether your interpretation of a rejection is rational: Ask yourself, is what you're saying true, is it logical, and is it helpful?

Another alternative is to find acceptance elsewhere. That's why it's crucial to spend time with those who accept you for who you are, and think you're pretty great. By evening, she will have forgotten about the friends who rejected her.

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While simply spending time with people in your support network can be enough, Garcy says that opening up can be a "powerful salve," whether you want to vent or need a pep talk. According to Garcy, "Sales people are sometimes good role models, using simple phrases like, 'Next! Social learning theory encourages you to model after someone Tips for dealing with rejection is good at bouncing back.

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Tips for dealing with rejection

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Dealing with Rejection