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With life becoming ever so stressful and lonely souls wandering the Earth, has become the year of porn with 75GB of data being streamed per second. In case you're wondering, this roughly translates to filling the storage capacity of million 16GB iPhones. When it comes to traffic worldwide, India came in third place with 9 minutes and thirty seconds of average time spent, one up from where it was in Cuba, even with its restrictions on the internet, rang in an average time spent of 5 minutes Top sex search eleven seconds on the site.

So if you're wondering which days, and at what time, traffic was highest and lowest, here it is:. Spikes are seen on early Sunday mornings before bedtime, Saturday afternoons, Friday late nights and early mornings before work on weekdays. Most people still value human social interaction above solo sex.

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This was followed by searches on 'celebrity sex tapes' and videos based on 'step mom and son'. The most popular searches in India were, of course, various words prefixed with the term 'Indian'. Among them were 'Indian bhabhi', 'Indian wife' and 'Indian aunty'. While lesbian porn was a favourite for the United States, Australia, Finland and Morocco, Indian viewers seemed more keen on teen porn.

Meanwhile Pakistan Top sex search more interested in grown up stuff like 'Babe'. While fewer women watch porn than men worldwide, the figure saw a ificant rise from It's no surprise that millennials have the highest viewership on Pornhub, but age really does determine their tastes. Devices are getting smaller as viewers are moving towards mobile Top sex search, the highest being on Android OS Videos News India.

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So if you're wondering which days, and at what time, traffic was highest and lowest, here it is: Courtesy of Pornhub. Below are some of the searches carried out by women as compared to men.

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Top sex search

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