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Hundreds of self-described anti-fascist protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in Berkeley, California, in sporadic brawls on Saturday. In Berkeley, police told media they had arrested 13 people by mid-afternoon, as opposing rallies spilled out of a park and into the streets.

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With several hundred people on each side, the crowds mostly taunted each other with bullhorns, chants and shouts. Occasionally, anti-Trump protesters threw fireworks. Small bands on both sides chased each other or brawled, sometimes with wooden planks, homemade shields, poles and pepper spray.

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One standoff at a downtown intersection ended only when a smoke grenade detonated. In confusion, anti-Trump protesters fled as supporters of the president charged after them, attacking stragglers. In one altercation, demonstrators threw a pot of beans at each other, the food mostly spilling onto the street. In another altercation, a protester who stole a Trump flag was chased down in front of a store and punched, until allies ran to his side and started to beat the Trump supporter involved.

As with the other fights, it was eventually separated. At least a dozen people were seen bloodied or suffering the effects of pepper spray. Opposing groups quickly organized their own event. Demonstrators in both camps bemoaned how hard it was to communicate with the other side, though occasionally they came together, Trump berkeley protest helping bystanders caught off guard.

At one point an anti-fascist shared her marijuana with a Trump supporter. Unlike clashes in Berkeley — such as a February protest Trump berkeley protest forced the far-right writer Milo Yiannopoulos to cancel an event, and a March rally that led to 10 arrests — Trump supporters ed at least as many if not more than their rivals.

By 4pm local time, the various factions had mostly dispersed, leaving streets by and large calm and the park quiet. Others against the president variously argued that there were limits to free speech or that their goal was to use their own voices to overwhelm and marginalize certain views that have appeared on the far right, for instance antisemitism and racism.

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Several Trump supporters said they also felt uncomfortable about those elements. Police broke up fights but mostly stood apart. In Washington, protesters rallied on the west lawn of the Capitol before a march to the Lincoln Memorial. Does he have ties to Russia? Hundreds of activists marched there too, meeting a group of Trump supporters.

Florida police reported no violence. Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate finance committee, has introduced legislation that would require sitting presidents, including Trump, to release their Trump berkeley protest returns for the past three years. Trump has refused to release his returns, breaking with more than 40 years of precedent. Trump said during the campaign that he would release his returns when the audit was complete. Donald Trump. This article is more than 4 years old.

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. Tax March: how a law professor sparked a global event to demand Trump's returns.

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Trump berkeley protest

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