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Welp i am certainly not the only one to inform you of everything going on with tumblr. But with nsfw going down its time to pack up and clean out. I mean that litterally. Instead of dumping my posts and sorting through what i want to keep, im going to go through and delete them, copying over what i want to keep.

Which is mostly the shorts i have written. I Tumblr dom sub of you follow me, which is actually kind of surprising as its more then i ever expected. Thank you all for your likes and reblogs while i was here. Ill keep writing, but untill i find a new home it will be just between me and my absolute 1 most amazing follower and babygirl a daddy could ever have daddyslilkitten I wish you all the best of luck, i wish with you the hopes of having a blogging platform in the future that can allow us to complain about mondays, idolize hot coffee on cold morning, and express the kink that is otherwise misplaced in an overtly politically correct and sheltered public environment.

Now calm down. I am not trying at all to discredit BDSM at all. I Tumblr dom sub it. Infact im trying to define it. Dominance and submission is all about the few pounds of grey matter in between your ears, its all in your brain, imagenary. If your a badass Female dom, you MIGHT see a pair of high heels as a sort of power, they make you taller, they make you dangerous, there feminine, heels can be a very dominate thing for you.

If your a sub male, it might be that a female in heels is intimidating, it may be that if your put in girls heels you feel humiliated.

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They could be dominate for her but submissive for you. If your a male Dominante, heels raise the butt they tone the leg, there a sexual item, feminine, and putting your sub in them is dressing up to your liking, they are a submissive item.

If your a sub female. Heels make you feel sexy, they limit your mobility and speed, make you feel both sexual and more vunrable. They can hurt your feet and you can take pride in your comitment to endure to make him happy. They make you feel submissive. Neither, they are a combonation of cloth, plastic, wood and metal that goes on Tumblr dom sub feet, there inherantly nothing more then an item.

They are dominate or submissive item depending on what your brain imagen them to be. Just as you are dominate or submissive as you imagen yourself to be. You are a person, you have as much worth as any other person, and BDSM is the shared imagenation of a wonderfull dynamic that allows you to believe in eachother together.

For a Dom. A butt plug is not overtly sexual. Yes lets get it straight. Butt plugs can inspire sexyness and sexuality. That isent the big draw for me. I could be wrong but i dont think its the draw for alot of Doms. Its a forign object thats also a part of you for the time its in. It never quite leaves your concious awareness. It fits in snugly, it holds itself to you.

Tumblr dom sub move you make shifts it, redoubles your awareness of it. If you walk its there if you sit it presses up into you, its mildly uncomfortable, and its also teasingly pleasurable. You dont forget about a plug in your ass. If he bends you over and pushes it into you, or you reach back and slide it in yourself on his command. When a Dom wants a plug in you, its a test, and a reminder. A test for your devotion, for Tumblr dom sub to willingly allow yourself to endure his request.

To give up your right to comfort for him. And prove you will do as he asks. A reminder of him, so that every move you make, every hour spent sitting. Even every time you visit the restroom, his will and dominance are with you. Not letting you forget who you belong to. We can leave marks on your body, they will fade, or embarass you if they can be seen. But one little thing we can do, to mark you as owned, as ours. Is to bend you over and put our Tumblr dom sub reminder in you nice and snug.

To mark you as ours, not to the public, but to YOU, the person who really matters to us. So next time your Dom sends you off on your day with a firm little toy stuck in you. Remember that he isent doing it just because its sexy. He is doing it because he knows you will feel his presence all day, and that will make his brain purr for you. It is unlikely that Sir pushed all the covers onto my side of the bed so he could shiver all night.

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Even if I beg. I will not hoot with laughter when Sir accidently wacks himself in the back with the flogger. Im afraid you will have to find your own Daddy for that. I am the proud Daddy of daddyslilkittenand as she is perfect for me, i have no desire to have or seek any other little.

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Tumblr dom sub your in a relationship, your partner needs to top the priority list. If you have kids, they are the absolute top of that list, then your partner, then Tumblr dom sub shit. I cannot at all believe i have to say that, but to often where things like the pic above have happened. Im a Gamer, and not the spend a few hours shooting people up on battlefeild or COD gamer.

But a fabricated story or challange, boss, dungeon, raid, dailys, quests, crafting, all are far far less important then anything real. Cat threw up? Well save, pause button, tell your buddies you will be right back, and go clean it the fuck up like an adult. Your partner has nothing to do? Well if they are into it invite them to play with you, even if they want to watch or play themselfs. Dont get annoyed if they have questions, if they do it means there interested! Dont shut them out.

If they arent interested, put the fucking game down and find something you both enjoy together.

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Dont get me wrong, i have fantasized like many a gamer that my girl has walked up to me and started blowing me while telling me to keep playing. Or walked infront of the screen dressed in something sexy to get my attention and affection.

That is all well and good if thats all about the fun of it. But if she is making the attempt to do so, because she feels that its the only thing she can do to get your attention, you have obviously gotten your priorities absolutely fucked, because a few gigabytes of computer code has taken a higher priority in your life then reality. And holy fucking shit if she does do something like that, and you ignore her? Fuck Tumblr dom sub For seeing her litterally make herself as vunrable as possible for you and you rejecting her?

The damage that does alone makes you completely unworthy of having them as a partner in any dynamic. I have said my peace, if your one of those people, get your priorities in order, make sure you know whats important, Tumblr dom sub sure they know how important they are. This is basic stuff. I dont agree with this.

Tumblr dom sub

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