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Welcome to Activate. We specialise in responsive web de, graphic de, logos, branding, smartphone apps, software development, We also de and supply branded print material. We have been providing these services sinceand work with a variety of businesses in Christchurch, throughout New Zealand and in Australia.

today! Logo de is about solving a communication problem between a specific entity you and a specific group of people your tarket market. Logo de is not about having your company name displayed nicely at the top of a letterhead. It is about establishing a brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors.

One that communicates to a specific group; your industry, personality and identity of your Web designer christchurch in a simple, unique and memorable logo de. Jon Tarr our brand deer and creative director, has more than 15 years in the industry and has even written articles on logos published by international de magazines. He will work directly with you to create a logo that captures the essense of your business in a unique and memorable identity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Jon is very passionate about logo de and solving communication problems for companies of all sizes, from New Zealand and even across the ditch. Take a look at some of our logo des. For efficiency and to Web designer christchurch that nothing is lost in Web designer christchurch you can liaise directly with Jon.

No in-between buffers like time-wasting sales reps or marketing people. We offer free consultations, free advice and quotes, all before any work commences. Our logos are simple, unique and memorable des and we analyse all our work through TradeMark Vision to ensure authenticity against registered trademarks. Activate De offers a variety of web services to complement your new website such as Search Engine OptimisationWebsite Content Writing and marketing.

Not only that, Activate also provides managed website hostings, domain registration and contactable, friendly tech support to make sure everything is working smoothly on all your devices. We make sure your website is mobile responsive so it is optimised for smartphones and we have our very own content-management-system developed specifically for easy website editing by our clients. If you are not sure where to start or are just starting out, why not have a look at our new business launch packcombining logo de, business card de and print, website de and development, and web hosting, and domain registration all into one discounted package.

Everything to get you started if you are launching a business. A bold statement, but you can see the proof for yourselves in our website portfolio. Activate is trusted and proven, a reliable, honest christchurch web Web designer christchurch.

No expensive hoardes of sales reps, socialites or marketing people. Just a small team of professionals who can get things done for an affordable price. Take a look at the responsive websites that we have deed. If you would prefer a simplified, mobile version of your website instead then we can help with that as well.

We focus on two core components - Form and Function.

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Through our six stage website development process we are able to uncover the best possible approach to ensure we de a website for you that is not only visually stunning, but also intuitive and easy for your customers to use. In this Web designer christchurch, we will discuss what you want to achieve from your website, how you envision your website will look, any special requirements you may have for your web de, timeframes, and who your target market is.

Stage 2: Once we have all of the necessary information, we will create a proposal that will demonstrate how we can craft a custom web de that will meet and exceed your objectives. Stage 3: Should you accept our proposal, the next stage is creating content for your website. Having content aids us in the de process, as we can figure out what to put where, what menu items to include, and in general makes the de process more efficient. The team here can write content for your site, or you can provide your own content.

Stage 5: Once you are happy with Web designer christchurch de, we will move on to the development stage. This is where we make your website work, and fortunately for you, our developers are so good that it really just feels as easy as flicking on a switch. Stage 6: Go live! Once you are happy with the look and feel of your new website we can put it live. Using your Content Management System, you can add your own s and content as needed. We also give you a free run-through of our CMS to show you how easily you can add and edit your own content. And there you have it - our six stage bespoke web de that not only matches your branding, but delivers an incredible and intuitive user experience.

With our websites, you will experience better rankings in Google which means more traffic to your website if you are in a competitive niche we recommend further online marketing such as SEO to increase your rankings further. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your business grow and be successful online! Graphic de is the art of intertwining images with text to communicate a message. Activate provides graphic de for both web and for print and has been doing so since There is a ificant benefit in brand consistency and general efficiency working with a company who is skilled in both these fields.

Business managers who are too busy to bounce between a graphic deer, a printer, a web developer and a web-hosting company - can just contact Activate. Whether you need an advertisement deed, some business cards printed, a logo created, a webside or smartphone app deed or anything in between the team at Activate De have got your Web designer christchurch de needs covered. Working with Activate was hugely collaborative — they were very accommodating in terms of iterations which were always performed in a timely fashion, provided me with excellent back-end training and were just a friendly, approachable team to work with.

I am really ecstatic with the finished website! I'm over the moon Web designer christchurch it, you hit this out of the park. Thank you for all your help and support. Kind regards. We would like to thank you all for getting our website, brochures and business cards ready well in time. Everything looks great and we appreciate the hard work that each one of you have put in. It was great working with you all.

Thanks and regards. Thank your team for the hard work they put in on the website. We had, within the first week of the website going live, six people book lessons through the website which is amazing! Have had lots of great feedback as well so thank you! Realtime bus tracking smartphone application developed for Connexionz, an intelligent transportation systems company based in California, Virginia and here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thanks Web designer christchurch the awesome website!

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It just picked up a Top Tourism Site Award. Each member of our team Web designer christchurch something special to offer, whether it be project planning and problem-solving, copywriting, graphics and logo de, branding and website de, software development for websites and smartphone applications, search-engine-optimisation to increase website rankings and traffic or juggling print schedules so you get those business cards you have run out of.

So we are not a crack commando unit delving into International espionage and wanted by the Government, but we are a slick website de company delving into all aspects of website creation, online marketing, de Web designer christchurch development and wanted by you, our clients. Jon has been in the graphic de industry for 15 years since completing his Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Graphic De.

Firstly working in print and advertising de for ACP Media he then ed Activate as a deer in A few years later he somehow managed to wrestle the controls off his boss to take management of the company. Jon's our creative director overseeing the de aspects of our projects.

He is also our branding guy and handles all the branding and logo de work. He lives, breathes and eats logos. When he is not doing that he also likes riding his motorbike, boxing and playing video games on our arcade machine. But for you, Matt is the guy to tell you all about websites, apps and all things digital. Matt has a substantial background in web project management for over successful websites.

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He will develop and plan digital projects, keep tasks on schedule and manage hosting support for clients. He knows all the latest techniques and is adept in keeping down costs for the client as he has a personal vendetta towards companies over-charging. Matt is pretty much happy if he is talking about websites. He can, and does, talk about websites all day. Matt also has a young family to manage in his spare time - he probably talks to them about websites as well.

Crystal is our customer services extraordinaire, handling s, hosting and domain support, phone enquiries, print distribution, refereeing between staff and The Arcade Machine, and generally ensuring the lines of communication are always open Crystal also has a way with words some might call 'vegete'. She enjoys being overly clever with colloquy, using her skills with writing and language to work with clients in producing keyword-rich content for websites, brochures and newsletters.

She is also the friendly voice on the Web designer christchurch with an excellent sense of humour, helping you out with any issues or perhaps a timely payment reminder. Chevonne is our new James, less manic than James, but just as capable and just as fun. Chevonne is here to support you with all your technical issues.

We know this because we can hear the laughter in support conversations from Web designer christchurch other side of the room. Robert is our website programmer. He is a something white man with an irrelevant degree in Chemistry and a slightly relevant Diploma in e-Business support. He drives a Prius. He hasn't touched Flash in a long time and intends it to stay that way.

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So it turns out that programmers do have an imagination! That was a Hillbillies reference in case you missed it. With Callum on the team we can assure our customers that if they want it - we can do it!

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It's just a matter of how long and how complicated the process may be to get there. Callum is an undervalued, overachieving part of our enthusiastic Activate team.

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From his dark, cobwebby corner comes quality programming, smart remarks, and a quick answer for everything. She has a degree in computer science and can code smartphone apps as well as websites. I also hear from reliable sources that she maintains strong opinions about the superiority of subbed anime to dubbed…. Chris is the inhouse digital marketing guru. Once the websites are built, Chris is the go-to guy for getting your site swamped with potential le. Some trivia - Chris loves cats However his girlfriend is as terrified of Web designer christchurch as she is allergic to them Therefore Chris no longer has cats.

This makes him sad, but so long as he can bury his head in the latest digital marketing news, he'll be ok. He has created well over 1, websites in his 18 years Web designer christchurch experience and several have won the iBest Oscar of the Brazilian Internetwhich sounds like bikini-clad brazilian beauties handing out mock awards but is actually quite legit.

Dans creative talent certainly doesn't stop at websites, he is also an amazing sculptor, illustrator, and painter Contact form Show Image Show map. Facebook Twitter Google Plus. O and website support. Logo De and Branding Logo de is about solving a communication problem between a Web designer christchurch entity you and a specific group of people your tarket market.

Graphic De and Print Graphic de is the art of intertwining images with text to communicate a message. for a no obligation chat about how we can help. Our Work. Logo de and branded print material for The Craft Embassy I'm over the moon with it, you hit this out of the park. Thank you for all your help and support - Seth Hamilton. The Craft Embassy. Responsive website for Starfish Swim School Thank your team for the hard work they put in on the website. Branded materials and website development for Farrow Jamieson.

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Award winning website de for The Mill House Thanks for the awesome website! Responsive website de for The Loft in Christchurch Thanks guys, it looks amazing! Our Web designer christchurch Jon. Crystal Office Manager Crystal is our customer services extraordinaire, handling s, hosting and domain support, phone enquiries, print distribution, refereeing between staff and The Arcade Machine, and generally ensuring the lines of communication are always open Chevonne Chevonne is our new James, less manic than James, but just as capable and just as fun.

Rob Robert is our website programmer.

Web designer christchurch

email: [email protected]om - phone:(338) 494-2179 x 7817

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