What is pangender

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Pangender, or omnigenderis a gender identity in which a person either identifies as a countless of separate identities that they are fluid between over time, or that they identify as one all encompassing identity. The genders that a pangender person has only includes genders within the person's own culture and life experience [1] [2] e. A pangender person's identity may or What is pangender not include genders not currently recognized or known [1] and may or may not fluctuate in intensity or include differing intensities among the genders that the Pangender person encompasses.

Thus a pangender person can also be genderfluid or genderflux. The combination of pangender and genderflux is called panflux. Just like any other gender identity, pangender people can use any set of pronouns they choose or vary between pronouns depending on how they identify at the time. An alternative term with a similar meaning is maxigender [3]since some people on Tumblr who don't identify as pangender argue that it is appropriative of culturally-specific What is pangender neurotype-specific genders.

The reason for that, according to them, is that no one can identify as all genders, as this would include culturally-specific or neurotype-specific genders. Omnigender is sometimes used as a synonym for pangender [7] [8]but sometimes is defined as experiencing almost all genders.

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The use of "pangender" as a identity goes back at least to the s, as stated in What is pangender preface to The Flocka book by Lynn Wilson about dissociative identity disorder: "Some gender-nonconforming individuals call themselves androgynespan-gender, or non-binary. Pangender was mentioned as one of many valid nonbinary identities in the text Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals: A Practical Guide. InWashington state began to allow "X" gender markers on official documents [13]with the law stating that.

Popular news site The Daily Dot published an article "What it means to be pangender" on June 16, See main article: Notable nonbinary people.

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There are many more notable people What is pangender have a gender identity outside of the binary. The following are only some of those notable people who specifically use the words "pangender", "maxigender", or "omnigender" for themselves. See main article: Nonbinary gender in fiction. There are many more nonbinary characters in fiction who have a gender identity outside of the binary. The following are only some of those characters who are specifically called by the words "pangender", "maxigender", or "omnigender," either in their canon, or by their creators.

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Retrieved 9 November Bloomsbury Publishing. Pride Nation. Retrieved 31 January Polygender is more of an umbrella term The Flock.

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Fawcett Columbine. ISBN SAGE Publications. Retrieved 14 May Washington State Legislature.

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What is pangender

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What it means to be pangender