When is divorce the right answer

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Ideally, you are both in the same hepace and both ready for a divorce and new lease on life — together, but separately. If you are even slightly thinking about something as final as divorce, ask yourself some tough questions first. Petty power struggles can lead to a huge gap in communication and intimacy.

Your once awesome connection can seem impossible to get back, and your rough patch seems insurmountable.

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Times of financial stress, teenagers at home, or of sleeplessness when babies come into the picture, are particularly taxing on marriage. Every marriage goes through peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. If you still have some love for your spouse, there are many ways to fix your marriage and climb yourselves out of that hole. And if you are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to let go of your spouse, then there is still work that needs doing.

Sometimes you ask yourself: Wait, am I even married anymore?

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To whom? I barely know that person and they hardly know me anymore — we just stay in the same place. Do you not want to mess with your financial situation, way of life, or familial traditions? Is THIS enough for you? Does this work and are you not completely unhappy about it?

Are you just clinging to your safe zone, to what feels familiar? Do you want more than a make-believe marriage based on delusion and denial? Do you want a second or third chance at love? Are you just threatening? Wanting to make your spouse see that you are serious about wanting a real solution or change?

To really be heard? To drive your point home?

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Throwing around the D-word is definitely a wake-up call that something is out of whack in your marriage. But be careful with crying wolf so often, spouses who constantly threaten divorce lose credibility real fast. Even people in healthy marriages When is divorce the right answer fantasize about divorce after a heated argument.

Sometimes living alone, surrounded by cats, with no one to bother me, sounds sooo goood! Or, maybe you need more time together. Life gets busy with kids and work, and date nights go by the wayside. Sometimes I feel like head chef and bottlewasher, just a part of the house, and no one gives a hoot about me as a person.

I also know what that is like. I knew I needed a divorce a week after I married to my first husband. It only took me six miserable years to do it, sheesh. Charging to, and through, a divorce is simply not strategic. Take some time to evaluate your yoyo-ing feelings and thoughts. And practically speaking, think through your options carefully and objectively. The decision to divorce is a very serious one, with consequences lasting far into your future. And a financial professional like a CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Advisor can map out what the financial impact will look like for your life going forward.

And remember, keep your emotions out of your bank. Heightened emotions can lead to hasty, unsustainable agreements.

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That When is divorce the right answer divorce you so badly wanted, could turn into a drawn-out, ugly litigation that could take years and thousands of dollars to finish. If you are really going to go down this road, going into a divorce wide-eyed, and on the same ideally, is best for everyone. Being educated on the process and impact can either prevent your marriage from ending prematurely, or lower the possibility that your divorce deteriorates into a nasty, adversarial, expensive, pissing contest.

Divorce is powerless at righting wrongs or changing hearts. Divorce is best for one purpose only- to finitely end a marriage and move on. My friends and family hinted for years that it might be time I get a divorce. If your marriage is particularly bad, you may feel pressure from yourself and others to get the heck out, like yesterday, and move on with it already.

It is a lengthy process that, by de, that takes many months to settle. Take the time to prepare yourself for the whirlwind of feelings, the labyrinth legal system, and the major changes that your whole family will go through. Can you wrap your head around letting go of the plans you made as couple, as a team? Your dreams of a happy family? Can you acknowledge that the sacrifices you made for your collective future were a sunk cost? With nothing to show for themselves.

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That the seeds you planted never took root, or grew the way you expected? That the fruits of your labor have gone rotten? All that work and love you put into the marriage… just poof. But accept you must. Though you know what they say about doors: when one closes another opens. Your life and love may feel sluggish. Perhaps your spouse gets dryer and more unexciting with each passing year. You remember when your relationship was energetic, alive, and seemed limitless. You watch love stories on tv and crave the passion, adventure and frenzy of new love.

For starters, think of all the reasons to consider staying married when you think you want a divorce. Reasons like the tender hearts of your children, and the immense financial impact. Also, contemplate what you can do for yourself?

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What zest can you add to your own life fulfillment? Put your control issues aside, way way aside. Life and divorce will always keeping you guessing. Be happy! What does that even mean to you anymore anyways!? Divorce puts you through the wringer. And happiness is something you must work towards, and perhaps even re-define. Will you ultimately be happy!? Your spouse is not the only cause of your marriage failing.

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Maybe you chose poorly to begin with? Maybe you took your spouse for granted? Maybe a million things. You must take stock of your life, and responsibility for where you went wrong and for the bad decisions you made. Even after a divorce, you may ask yourself, is this the right thing? What I am going to do now? Dating seems terrifying. Shot am I responsible for everything in the house now? But there is a learning curve, so be patient with yourself. Accept that there will be times of insecurity and fear, but that you can face the issues, figure out the solution and march on.

Feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, and hope are cooking up contradiction soup in your mind. Sometimes you are seething with hatred, then find yourself reminiscing about the young love you felt when you first got together.

When is divorce the right answer

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Separated Woman Asks, When is Divorce The Right Answer?