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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you tink of the Czech Republic? I bet I can read your mind. Does it have something to do with visiting the Red light district in Prague? See — for a lot of tourists the notorious Wenceslas Square Area is known for having the best strip clubs, massage parlours, some-what legal street prostitutes and local brothels. One look at the square area and you will understand how Prague earns itself the reputation of being the sex capital of the European Union. Forget Amsterdam, Paris or Frankfurt. If you want a good time for an affordable price, Prague is the place to be.

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Keep reading! Disclaimer: We do not promote or offer any adult services. All information is for educational purposes only. You can set-up an arrangement with a sugar baby.

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This way you will already have a hot Czech girl waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport! Willing to do anything you agreed upon. up here and get started! If you just want to party and try your luck on the streets, keep reading! At the moment prostitution is legal the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, all the other related activities are not. It is almost the same in every Eastern European country. Therefore, you will see that most cities have their own rules when it comes to prostitution legislation and related activities.

Prague is no exception to the rule. Prague is not stupid. The city earns millions of dollars each year of drunk tourists that want to celebrate their bachelor party in the capital. On almost every corner you will see that advertises the best gentleman club or strip bar of Prague. Of course, this all makes the sex industry in Czech republic a bit of a dodgy place. After all, nobody wants to be caught in some wild-west shoot off when the cops come busting in your illegal brothel! I always say: A good preparation is half the battle. What do the locals think?

To tell you the truth. Most of them hate it. Ok, I get it — but the fact that most strip clubs also have this clearly shows that there has been some bad blood between the tourists and the locals. Thankfully, there are also a lot of clubs that do allow it. Cash is King! Golden rule: Use cash in any strip club, massage parlour or brothel. Too often people get scammed when using their credit card. I recommend you always bring cash and make sure you know the prices of the food, drinks, lap dances and more, beforehand.

Most bars have their price list on the website. Even if they offer you free drinks you will be suckered into a scam as soon as you turn your back. If you want to hook-up with a prostitute, I recommend you visit reputable bars and clubs. Not the streets. Best Strip clubs in Prague Please see the below overview of the Where to have sex in prague strip clubs in Prague. The clubs all have a good reputation, but always be Where to have sex in prague. If you choose one of these clubs I can guarantee you that you will have a great time.

Because of the size of the clubs and busy hours I highly recommend you make a reservation beforehand. S — When you take a taxi be prepared for the sales tactics of the driver. They will try to make you go to another club.

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They receive a commission from the owner. Stick to the clubs from the list! The prices are applicable for girls that work for themselves. They can also rent an apartment for the day and work directly from the internet. In this case, there is no agency or pimp involved and you pay around CZK for the Where to have sex in prague night or between and CZK per hour.

I recommend you find yourself a good agency and become a regular. This way you will Where to have sex in prague the best prices and you know the girls are clean but always use protection and you do not have to worry about being scammed. This can be at a club or with an escort company. The only problem I have with escort companies is that they never send the same quality of girls that they advertise with.

Therefore it is better to check at the club what types of girls they have available that night. If you do decide to go with a street hooker you should be ready to pay around to CZK for vaginal sex and oral sex is around CZK.

Do keep in mind though that most street workers are drug addicts. And you might even can go lower with your price if they are really desperate for it. But the you get what you pay for so do not expect any quality or real beauty.

Girl Friendly Hotels in Prague When you are hooking-up with a prostitute there are two options. Now, before you can bring a girl to your room you need to for sure that the hotel policy allows this. Bullshit — right? Final Words Visiting the red light district in Prague is a great experience. You can bang your brains out and still have a great time in the cheap bars, pubs and restaurants. Even if you are not into prostitutes, you can enjoy a good lap dance or live show with stunning Prague women. If you are interested to learn more about finding a date in Czech RepublicI recommend you read my guide.

Summary: Cash is king. Do not pay with a credit card Most bars and clubs are not interested in bachelor parties Make reservations beforehand if you group is bigger than 3 people. Do not engage with- or pick up street hookers Book a girl friendly hotel Set-up an arrangement with a Czech girl before you arrive! Have fun in Prague! I m travel to Prague with a group of 5 people in first week of June. Hope to listen from u. What kind of fun are looking for? Most hotspots are mentioned in this article. If you need more information let me know. Hi, thank you for a good article. Do you have any agencies that you would like to recommend?

Which online website do you recommend to find local girls? Or any reputable escort website you can recommend? I am into taller girls with larger hip and thigh more similar to germans and dutch. Are these kind of girls found in Prague as well?

Or mostly are tall and slim? Post Prev Post. Are Czech Girls Easy to Pull? Next Post. On January 5, In Eastern Europe. Hi, Thanks for such wonderful info. Hi Abhi, What kind of fun are looking for? This is amazing information. I really appreciate your effort. I have a couple questions: Which online website do you recommend to find local girls? Thanks in advanced for your help.

Where to have sex in prague

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