Why do i keep attracting emotionally unavailable men

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Do you keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners who are afraid of commitment? How do you keep ending up in the same place relationship after relationship?

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I get the frustration, because this used to be my pattern too. This is not about blaming or shaming yourself, however. You get to dig deeper below the surface of what seems to be the issue to understand how you got here and why you keep attracting the same types of partners. Questions to ponder and journal on:. Once you understand where you are being the emotionally unavailable one, too, you have the opportunity to re-write those stories and create new ones that support the type of love and partnership you really crave. Related posts: How to Love Yourself. I found myself drawn to their charm, intellect, and the way they made me feel at first.

I became addicted to their approval, and no matter how much it hurt I wanted their attention and love. I finally had to be honest with myself when I kept attracting the same type of man into my life. I was the common denominator after all! Challenge yourself to date different types of people. Go against your natural instincts if even for just a little while and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised!

What I found Why do i keep attracting emotionally unavailable men my own experience was that as I became aware of those unhealthy personality traits and behaviors that had reeled me in in the past, seeing them in a man became an instant turn-off rather than an immediate turn-on. Every relationship has something to teach you. Thank God, right? To do a post-mortem ask yourself the following questions:.

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This is the fun part! What are the non-negotiable traits and characteristics you desire in a partner? To attract, you must be. That means learning from the past and healing your own fear of commitment and emotional availability.

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It also means showing up as the highest version of yourself. Being committed to your growth and learning to love yourself will help you naturally become a magnet for all of the things you wrote down on your desires list. Take the time to understand yourself on a deep level and why you might be attracting the same thing over and over again.

Embody your list by focusing on your own growth and development. Focus on loving yourself so that you no longer tolerate poor treatment and so that you feel safe receiving love when it does show up for you. You are the common denominator, and you get to decide to approach relationships differently. You get to heal, and you get to have what you truly desire in a partner. You got this!

Why do i keep attracting emotionally unavailable men

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