Why women want tall men

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Picture this: The stunningly handsome male lead of that new rom-com movie leans in to kiss his equally stunning female lead. No serious Hollywood romance worth its salt would stage such a scene, even when the male lead actor in question actually is shorter than his female counterpart. All manner of angling tricks, as well as solutions high-tech CGI and low-tech the actor literally standing on a platform will be used to ensure that all is right in this cinematic world.

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That means the man will always be just a little bit taller than the woman. Online dating chats between otherwise promising matches can be cut short. Jokes will be made in group DMs and texts, too. Being short seems to mark you as inadequate in the eyes of some with Why women want tall men real explanation as to why. Why do women go for tall guys? We spoke with various men and women, as well as a professional dating coach, to get the low-down on why women prefer tall guys and what short guys can do about it.

The short answer? It's complicated. For one, not everyone finds taller guys sexier. We also can't objectively know why anyone finds anything attractive. Sexual and aesthetic preferences are tricky things. If the history of people trying to go against their sexual impulses is any indication, they seem to obey no master. At the same time, that argument can have both positive and negative tones.

It can be empowering for queer people to assert that their desires are part of who they are, not choices that can be switched off through sheer will or outside intervention. The issue of the attractiveness of short men maps somewhat inelegantly onto that notion. For some women, tall equals power, and in the dating game power often equals attraction. A taller man could be seen as being stronger, and therefore able to fight off threats. From Why women want tall men onward, men learn one way or another that to be tall is to be manly.

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Attractive men in popular media are either tall or made to seem tall. Those men deemed unattractive — whether villainous, cowardly, fey or non-sexual — are often short. The shallowness of Why women want tall men binary, combined with the consistency with which it is used, means that guys on the outside looking in are at a disadvantage. Anyone they seek to date will have already absorbed, to some degree or other, the message that being tall means being hot. And while lots of those traits can be managed with a little bit of time, effort and money, height in particular is not subject to the whims of the vain.

Short guys, then, might feel like they're getting the short end of the stick at all times. Always got nervous.

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I was always upfront to women on dating apps before I went out. Some would stop responding. It is what it is. When it comes to height differences when dating, it really depends on how tall you are. On one side of the equation are guys who probably never think about it, and on the other, you have guys whose whole dating lives feel marked and circumscribed by that.

He would not shut up about it. We went on five or six dates. He didn't kiss me until the last of our dates I also dated another guy who was like maybe 5'6". He didn't talk Why women want tall men it that much, but clearly needed reassurance. He was good in bed, but I felt like it was partly because he was obsessed with compensating.

And it's hardly relegated to heterosexual dating, either. My height is on my dating profile. Of course, that doesn't mean being on the shorter side is Why women want tall men death sentence to your dating chances, regardless of who you're attracted to. The danger is letting self-consciousness about their height turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy that le to dating failure.

If a shorter guy is filled with doubt and fear about his attractiveness, his confidence will plummet, making him less confident — and that will lead to the rejection he fears. Frankly, the most common sentiment heard was an openness to the possibility of dating shorter men — if only those men were also open to it, and not stressed about their own height.

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As a short woman, they are so near me. Instead, the best change that you can make as a shorter guy is a mental shift. Shorter guys can show their value and worthiness to women by having great eye contact, speaking with a resonant vocal tonality, becoming funnier and more charismatic, being better story-tellers.

It might be one strike against you to be height-challenged, but having a bad attitude about is another. Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Alex Manley. Show comments.

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Why women want tall men

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Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 5 Women Weigh In