Wii serial number checker

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By subrosianJan 22, 57, 93 0. OP subrosian Member. Level 1. ed: Jul 4, Messages: 22 Wii serial number checker. Wii need your help! I have heard a bunch of people saying that there is NO correlation between the Wii Serial s and the version of Boot1 on the Wii causing Bootmii's Boot2 to work or not work. I need help from people who have installed Bootmii, to give the first 7 characters of their serial and whether Bootmii's boot2 worked or didn't work.

I will keep everything updated here. I believe the first happens to be where the Wii was made or something like that. The second starts the serial of that series, which is why some people are saying that smaller serial s do not work while larger ones do. We just need to find the cutoff point for each LU. Thanks in advance. If your Wii was not purchased new from a store or if it has been sent to Nintendo to be repaired, please note this as the "motherboard" inside the Wii could have been changed, which would give us bad data.

Spreheet To get this informationyou can Wii serial number checker inside bootmii. Thanks DeadlyFoez! Level 2. ed: Jan 12, Messages: 2, Country:. Very good point, I will add that note Deleted Newbie. LEH From late - Not bootmii as boot2 compatible. Level ed: Jan 7, Messages: 10, Country:.

I can make a new google document for this if you want All will go into a spreheet and everyone can contribute through a form. We could link the form in our guides so we'd get more replies Of course I can give direct spreheet editing powers to the more reliable people.

Level 3. ed: Mar 15, Messages: 1, Country:. Guess I'll add mine. Was given it for my birthday in May. When I got it, it had 1. At the time, I remember the curiosity of what the "2. I'll have to post my sister's later. It isn't really hacked running 3. No clue if it can run bootmii since I haven't bothered to bring it into the new age of wii hacking. Newest game ever played on Wii serial number checker was likely MKWii.

EDIT: Added boot1 version. Thanks DeadlyFoez for the tip on bootmii's info option. ed: Mar 14, Messages: 1, Country:. LU Wii was compatible with BootMii as boot2. Don't recall much about it as I sent it to Nintendo a while ago. Came from Nintendo's repair dudes with System Menu 3.

I made a quick form to enter the data You can find it here. The spreheet is here We still need an easy way to check the boot1 and boot2 version The form gives a "We're sorry" from google when submitted. If I click the Spreheet, I get a message saying I don't have permission to view it. Is that a mistake?

Otherwise, what use is a DB no one can read? Working fine now.

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I'm guessing the form error was due to the sheet not being shared Bumpman GBAtemp Regular. ed: Jan 21, Messages: Country:.

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DownSince86 Advanced Member. ed: Oct 21, Messages: 80 Country:.

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Heres mine, when I get back to the shop and have some clients drop by for follow up work I will add more. ed: Aug 14, Messages: Country:. ed: Dec 21, Messages: Country:. LU boot2v4. LEHxxxxx Boot1? Show Ignored Content.

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Wii serial number checker

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