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It is not recognised as rape under the law. In fact, the law on rape is defined in such a way that only men are recognised as principal offenders. Though there have been a handful of women convicted of rapethey have been convicted as accomplices, not principals.

It is an under-reported crime that some may not even be aware happens. In the US, a study of 16, Woman want sex tonight Weare in found that approximately one in 21 men 4. There are no statistics about this sexual offence in the UK. The offence of rape, meanwhile, can only be heard in the Crown Court and has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is often assumed that men are unable to maintain an erection unless they are sexually aroused.

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But research has consistently highlighted that this is simply a physiological response and does not reflect sexual arousal, or indeed, indicate consent. Knowing this fact makes it easier to see how compelled penetration can occur. The reality of this form of sexual violence is further reinforced by the range of strategies used by women who act in this way towards men.

I have recently led the first Woman want sex tonight Weare project in the UK to look at the experiences of men who have been forced-to-penetrate women. The men reported experiencing threats, blackmail, and coercion While most of the men The men were asked to rate the emotional and psychological effect that the forced-to-penetrate experience had on them from one no negative impactto 10 severe negative impact.

The average impact was six, but 10 a severe negative emotional impact was chosen most frequently by participants In addition, I found that a huge majority of participants did not go to the police: only 1.

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In none of these instances was the case taken to court. Giving reasons for not going to the authorities, the men explained that they felt they would not be believed by the police, or that what happened to them would not be viewed as a crime, and so it was pointless reporting it even if they wanted to. Although a relatively small sample of participants were involved in my study, based on their reports it is clear that consideration needs to be given to reforming the law on rape.

Forced-to-penetrate cases need to either be recognised as the crime of rape, or as a new offence which is akin to rape but specifically focused on this form of sexual violence.

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Changing the law so that compelled penetration is made a more serious offence would finally recognise the high frequency of emotional harm experienced by men who are victims of this crime. In addition, it could hopefully encourage more men to come forward, with the belief that the law and criminal justice system would take them seriously, and deal with their complaints appropriately. Perhaps the most compelling justification for reform relates to how the men labelled what has happened to them.

Recognising this crime more clearly in law would mean that victims know there is an opportunity for justice both to be done and to be seen to be done. In making calls for consideration of law reform in this area, I am in Woman want sex tonight Weare way suggesting that attention or resources should be moved away from women who experience sexual violence.

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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Siobhan WeareLancaster University.

Woman want sex tonight Weare

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The science of sex: what happens to our bodies when we're aroused?