Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Its Huge box tank. Compared to Mutz 58, Mutz 58 is smaller, autobounce angles better armor faster, better gun depression and top of that better penetracia. Only thing what is good about Panther 8.

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Even t has now some character and its interesting to play because dmg per shot. But Panther 8. Panther's playstyle as TD is boring. And in distance AP shells loses its penetracia. Boring as flanker too. Tier X games is catastrophe. Everybody laughts about your penetration and dmg And just drives over you.

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Engine Buff was good and gun depression -8 all around. But panther II feels faster better penetration aimtime accuaracy. In my opinion we need to put Panther 8. It was worst Premium before and still it keeps this position. Yes yes I know Mutz is Nutz new era powercreep premium.

Sorry for my bad english. One Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking I will cut off those fool horns. As you said. It's called mit 8. Not mit 8. Inc the Tiger. As you can see when inspecting the gun. Not a unique gun just for that premium like most of them have. And I would not hope for pref MM. As WG sees that as a problem on tier 8 atm, and want's it gone. They even want to remove it from the IS-6 and KV-5 to name a few "when buffing it's gun ofc". So I would not hope for WG to give Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking to a tier 8 as it stands now. They have only done that do one Premium so far iirc.

If any premium medium tank should get Pref MM It's the M4 Improved with 92 pen vs tier 7. Yeah, it's wierd tank. Rly big. Dunow, it's just underperforms. Pen is okish, but fails often due to rly strange RNG on this tank. I've played Panther II same way as 8.

It's a team dependant vehicle. It means if you play as you should, support your tanks because it has nice DPM, you will win. If not, well, you're screwed. It's a huge hitbox, altough turret can bounce in its own tier, but you can't push and carry the game. This tank needs some love because it can be awesome if they tweak it little bit. Preferential matchmaking would be the way to go with these tier 8 mediums. Giving them small buffs here and there just won't make them competitive, like gun depression or penetration. That's how far behind they are in quality compared to genuinely good tier 8 tanks.

I easily pen them with almost every shot with my tier 6.

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I also have tons of hitpoints, more alpha and more DPM. And I am supposed to be the one driving the "weak" tank that was given PMM. Lorraine 40t is the only exception. All others are just plain bad, some more, some less. A tank with alpha and pen with fairly good mobility and no armor is never going to be competitive. Not against same tier tanks, and even less so against higher tiers. The tier 8 mediums would need alpha and around penetration each to be competitive.

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That's how massive the buffs would have to be for these tanks to be playable. Anything less than that keeps them useless. Emeraldweed, on 25 November - Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking, said:. Armor buffs for mediums are a failure unless they are tier or have PMM. Spending most of the time in tier battles would require so large scale buffs for the armor to be workable that lower tiers couldn't hurt it. Panther 8.

Only bigger with not that good gundepression and mobility and penetration. But how it's now its really boring tank. Only what is good about it I like how it looks and this is only one reason why i play it at all. In my opinion Rof fire buff to improve its main strenght. But all famous German tanks are laughable.

Its hard to find their role in battle.

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Not this not that something under average. While WG isn't particularly known for historical approaches, they do lean towards semi-historical solutions whenever possible. Buffing the pen is doubtful. APCR as standard Probably not, and mostly an on-paper improvement. Since the Panther 8. A Turbopanther would indeed be kinda fun.

Huge improvement? Fun and interesting? Heck yes! It's worth noting that the idea of using the long 88 on the Panther II was also very much just a project idea, and hence it fits rather well that they used both the crazy idea of a long 88 and some semi-fantasy jet engine to propel the tank. After that, buff mobility and pen. Gun Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking is pretty good, the pen just lets it down severely. ExclamationMark, on 26 November - AM, said:. Well, as it's a shared gun.

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So either they buff it for all inc the Tiger, or rename it and keep it on the Panthers that needs it. As they have done before. But I don't own it. But have fought against it to know that speed kills it more then the armor does. So getting up to speed faster, and bleeding less of it would be ideal for it. Much like the Panther M And buff the gun handling if not the pen. If they could make it on pair with his lower tier brother.

It would at least be a start. Havenless, on 25 November - PM, said:. Armor buffs might make it heavier, as other tanks with armor buffs have been. Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking for it to be effective vs tier X guns as you said. Would just ruin it more if it loses to much speed.

Wot panther 8.8 matchmaking

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It's time to do something with Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71